Stop Being Reactive to Your Hiring Needs, Expert Advises

By Lamees Abourahma Wed, Jan 17,2018 @ AM

Filling open positions as need arises for an organization is no longer effective. Staying competitive in today’s job market means building candidate pipelines and managing candidate pools among other talent acquisition strategies.

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Making the Case for RPO to Top Executives

By Steven Dashiell Tue, Jan 09,2018 @ AM

Recruitment process outsourcing provides a strategic solution to talent acquisition challenges for different size organizations. However, top executives might not easily see the value. As Mike Palmer and Mike Tastle of Accolo explained in Why Smaller Businesses Should Outsource Their Recruiting: RPO can solve hiring fluctuations, reduce time-to-fill, improve candidate and hiring manager experiences, and provide an effective hiring process, among other benefits.

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2018 List of Recruiting and Talent Acquisition Conferences

By RPOA Staff Sun, Jan 07,2018 @ AM

The conference scene for talent acquisition professionals is very active in 2018. With over two dozen sourcing and recruiting conferences with different focus areas ranging from social media recruiting, to nonprofit talent acquisition, to executive forums expanding the nation’s top destinations, there is no shortage of options to choose from.

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#RPOAWeekly: The Intersection Between HR and Marketing

By Lamees Abourahma Thu, Jan 04,2018 @ AM

While analysts and practitioners might have different views on the new role of human resources, they all agree that HR has evolved from the basics of employee managing and hiring to serve a more strategic function. Some of the new responsibilities of HR include succession planning and data analytics, creating better processes and training protocol, and attracting and retaining top talent. 


Should I Be Scared of Recruiting AI?

By Steven Dashiell Wed, Jan 03,2018 @ AM

With the substantial number of technological advancements arriving in the recruiting space, there’s a growing worry that technology and AI will replace recruiters wholesale. Certainly, there is some truth to the notion. Technology often finds a way to replace the rote activities humans don’t care to perform (such as the auto industry or manufacturing). But should recruiters be scared for their jobs?

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#RPOA WEEKLY: 10 Best Recruiting Stories of 2017

By RPOA Staff Wed, Dec 20,2017 @ AM

As a talent acquisition professional you need to stay informed of topics affecting your work environment. Finding, attracting, and engaging top talent that drives business value to your organization is becoming a complex discipline pivoting from human resources into leadership, marketing and business development, all of which have a technology spin that’s further adding to this complexity.


What does Google New Recruiting Tools Mean for Talent Acquisition Professionals?

By Steven Dashiell Mon, Dec 18,2017 @ AM

Technology has drastically changed talent acquisition over the past two decades and more changes are expected in the near future. “In the next 24 months, maybe sooner, the hiring and recruiting landscape is going to meet very meaningful thresholds,” said John Younger, CEO of HireMojo, a hiring automation platform in San Francisco, CA. What’s the impact of recruiting technology on talent acquisition professionals? The evolution in recruiting technology “is going to hit home, specifically for recruiters... recruiting firms will push harder for more tools to meet demands and stay competitive,” commented Younger.

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#RPOAWeekly: 2017 RPOA Leadership Forum Webinar Recap

By Lamees Abourahma Wed, Dec 13,2017 @ AM

Many talent acquisition leaders are still oblivious to recruitment process outsourcing (RPO) as a strategic alternative to other recruiting options (namely, internal recruiting and staffing agencies). Understanding the challenges RPO solves, the benefits it brings to an organization, how to start with an RPO, and what to expect are some of the information talent acquisition professionals need to know and the Recruitment Process Outsourcing Association provides through its various programs including the Leadership Forum, a webinar series featuring thought leadership from the RPO and TA community.

This year, we were thrilled to have many of our members and partners speak at the Leadership Forum on a variety of TA and RPO topics. In this week’s #RPOAWeekly, we present a recap of 2017 RPOA Leadership Forum webinars. Watch these webinars and others on-demand at your convenience and get informed.


Building an Insightful Talent Pipeline with Recruitment Process Outsourcing

By RPOA Staff Mon, Dec 11,2017 @ AM

In a recent study, Aberdeen found that more than 80% of organizations today have trouble recruiting high-potential talent, as per their definition of top-quality performance. As managers across the board try to address this pressing challenge, 79% readily admit that they don’t fully understand how to resolve it. What this means is that nearly every organization that struggles to populate their talent pipeline can’t even define the qualities they want in a new hire.

The mechanics of the workforce are changing faster than ever before, and we need to ask ourselves, can we keep up?

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How Do You Determine if RPO is Right for Your Small or Midsize Business?

By Lamees Abourahma Thu, Nov 30,2017 @ AM

Recruitment process outsourcing (RPO) provides many advantages to organizations of all sizes, including small and midsized organizations as explained in a recent webinar by Mike Palmer and Mike Tastle of Accolo, a recruitment process outsourcing provider based out of Dallas, Texas.

In "Recruitment Process Outsourcing: A lifeline in the War for Top Talent", Zach Chertok with Aberdeen Group provided the following insight on the advantages of using RPO: “Companies that do not partner with a RPO provider are 59% more likely than companies that do to be unable to establish a talent pipeline for their open positions”. Based on the same report, RPO customers are “17% more likely than non-RPO customers to find that more than 50% of their workforce is top quality.”

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