#RPOA Weekly: Kim E. Ruyle Speaks at Upcoming Webinar

By Lamees Abourahma Wed, Sep 20,2017 @ AM

In his previous session, renowned speaker and published author Kim E. Ruyle touched on implicit bias (rooted in our brains) that directs and influences who we select or hire. Rulye also reviewed six characteristics of high potentials including cognitive ability, drive and ambition, competence, personality and emotional intelligence, and learning agility. 

Next Friday, September 22nd @ noon ET, Ruyle join us again to explore the neuroscience of personality, methods to mitigate implicit bias, and insights that will enhance your selection, development, and retention of high potential talent. Don’t miss this 30-minute webinar! Register now to attend the live session or to receive the recording to watch on-demand.

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Employee Engagement: The Key to Effective Business Culture

By Steven Dashiell Mon, Sep 18,2017 @ AM

Building a strong culture for your business is an important part of creating a profitable company full of top talent. As you grow that culture, you want to make sure you also tend to the crucial element that makes your culture possible: your employees.

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Avoid This Mistake When Handling Negative Reviews on Glassdoor

By Guest Fri, Sep 15,2017 @ AM

Companies are no longer in control of their public image as an employer of choice in the age of internet and social media. Glassdoor, a Yelp-like review site for businesses, has more than 11 million employee reviews for a half million companies, viewed by over 30 million unique visitors each month. These reviews are likely shaping what potential candidates think of each company, and the decision they make when applying or accepting a job. Company reviews can either help or hurt the employer branding and the company’s recruiting efforts. So if you can’t control your company’s online image, what do you do? You should at least manage your online image.

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How To Hire And Retain Quality Candidates in a Competitive Hiring Environment

By Guest Thu, Sep 14,2017 @ AM

Let’s face it. Hiring can be tough. The unemployment rate is low – just 4.4% according to the Department of Labor Statistics – and employers have to compete for good employees. In order to find and retain quality candidates, it requires some work on our end. That work can come in the form of collecting more information at various stages in the employee lifecycle or tailoring your benefits to desired candidates. Here are a few tactics you might explore to step up your recruiting and hiring success rate.  

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Making the Business Case for Hiring Top Performers

By Steven Dashiell Tue, Sep 12,2017 @ AM

Given the amount of forethought, research, and manpower required to reliably bring top talent to your company, how do you make the case to leadership to start dedicating the resources necessary to take on that talent?

Sometimes it comes down to the numbers.

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#RPOAWeekly: Predicting Potential Talent

By Lamees Abourahma Fri, Sep 08,2017 @ AM

Potential: the ability to adapt to and grow into increasingly complex roles and environments is the key to selecting top executives according to Fernandez-Araoz in his “21st-century talent spotting” article published by Harvard Business Review. Not only important to executive positions, potential is key to other management and white collar jobs as well. Predicting potential talen based on personality is the topic of an upcoming RPOA webinar presented by renowned speaker and published author Kim E. Ruyle. This week’s #RPOAWeekly we keep the focus on finding potential talent and present the following top resources on the topic.

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Understanding Learning Agility: The Number One Predictor of Leadership

By Steven Dashiell Thu, Sep 07,2017 @ AM

In our recent series on leadership and talent, we discussed the idea that there are six traits common amongst effective leaders: cognitive ability, drive and ambition, competence, personality, emotional intelligence, and learning agility. Though none of these individual traits are necessarily valued one over the other, there is one trait that stands as the strongest predictor of leadership: learning agility.

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Look for These Six Qualities When Assigning Your Next Leader

By Steven Dashiell Thu, Sep 07,2017 @ AM

Do you know who among your staff is prime leadership material? Perhaps there is an individual who always volunteers for additional items beyond their expected work load, or can just as easily work with members outside of their own team as they can with their own. These are laudable qualities, but will promoting such a person result in a great leader?

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Effective Methods to Increase Workplace Diversity

By Steven Dashiell Thu, Aug 17,2017 @ AM

Creating a more inclusive and diverse work culture provides a variety of positive benefits for your company, including a more collaborative work environment, a more attractive brand, a greater sense of belonging and engagement for those under your company umbrella.

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#RPOAWeekly: Not Your Average Recruiting Ideas

By Lamees Abourahma Tue, Aug 15,2017 @ AM

It’s hard enough to find and entice skilled employees to join your company, but to conduct interviews while lifting weight or punching boxing bags in the gym is taking it to another level. We thought the idea is so refreshingly fascinating that we had to include in this news roundup. View the following #RPOAWeekly for this and other innovative recruiting ideas.

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