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The Ups and Downs of Virtual Recruiting in Creating a Positive Candidate Experience

By Tim Plamondon Thu, Nov 05,2020 @ AM

The COVID-19 pandemic has made companies turn to virtual recruiting. The Acceptance of HR professionals to the changes is mixed. Pam Verhoff, President of Advanced RPO, pointed out, "Some clients are adapting better than others." While Jennifer Cooper, Senior Vice President at Hueman RPO, reported, "Most clients have quickly adapted to the virtual world."

The question is whether virtual recruiting will create a positive candidate experience. Recruitment Process Outsourcing (RPO) providers are subject matter experts (SMEs) on virtual recruiting as they are some of the early adopters of this approach. In this post, RPO leaders express the positive and negative effects virtual recruiting has on the candidate experience. These leaders also provide strategies to ensure your virtual recruiting program gives candidates the best experience possible.

Topics: Candidate Experience, Virtual Hiring