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Jobcase: Helping Everyday Workers Lead Better Work-Lives

By Tim Plamondon 2/26/21 8:25 AM

From the ash heap of the Great Recession of 2008, Fred Goff created Jobcase, a social media platform empowering workers to find everyday jobs.

Goff was a co-founder of Percipio Capital Management, a successful machine-learning money management firm. His team were innovative thinkers in the financial community but saw an opportunity to take that expertise and apply it to a greater cause – leveraging their data science and software development background to help millions of hourly workers who were so greatly impacted by the recession. In 2015, Jobcase the social media platform was born, a community focused on empowering the hourly workers of America.

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Appcast’s Programmatic Recruiting Solutions: A Rising Tide That Lifts All Boats

By Staff Writer 11/20/20 5:20 AM

Chris Forman, Appcast CEO and Founder, has spent his career building software that is impactful to HR teams. After leading these efforts at companies like ADP, The Right Thing, and Startwire, Forman saw an opportunity to help recruiting teams take advantage of the benefits of big data to scale, automate and optimize many of the tasks and processes that bog talent acquisition teams down.

Founded in 2014 in Lebanon, New Hampshire, a $79 million acquisition catapulted Appcast onto the big stage of programmatic recruitment by mid-2019. The company is currently over 150 employees (and over 20 furry office mates) rooted across the United States, Canada, UK, and Belarus.

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Global RPO Leaders Talk Talent in Latin America

By Staff Writer 8/6/20 5:25 AM

The challenge to attract and engage high-quality talent is especially acute in Latin America (LATAM). Cultural differences, disparate legal systems, and shifting politics play a significant role in recruiting and hiring practices. These challenges have been magnified by the COVID-19 pandemic, which has had a substantial impact on the region.

In June, the Recruitment Process Outsourcing Association (RPOA) launched a new initiative for global RPO leaders who operate in LATAM. The forum’s designed to bring RPO peers together and provide them a platform to connect and share experiences and perspectives on current talent issues.

We recently hosted the group’s first virtual event; a panel made up of experienced LATAM RPO leaders. Topics ranged from how hiring has changed during the pandemic to how organizations deal with inter-country issues. The exclusive forum was moderated by Cynthia Cohen, an RPO veteran and Founder & Managing Director at Mynt Consultants.

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LevelUP: A True Partner in RPO Recruiting

By Tim Plamondon 8/4/20 5:36 AM

LevelUP Human Capital Solutions (HCS) is a New York-based recruitment solutions company focused on aligning strategies to solve their clients' talent and human resource problems.

Their ability to match hiring strategies with specific situations helps LevelUP create sustainable talent programs for their clients. They pride themselves on being a true partner to their clients.

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Global RPO: A Quick Overview of the State of Hiring in EMEA

By Joshua G Rodriguez 6/4/20 4:59 AM

The vast region of Europe, the Middle East, and Africa, also known as EMEA, is incredibly diverse and complex. EMEA covers three continents, over one hundred countries, and two hundred languages.

For organizations hiring in this region, this complexity requires keeping up with talent expectations, policy and law, market-specific practices, corporate governance codes, language, culture, customs, and more. Recruitment process outsourcing providers can be the best partner to navigate these challenges and bring top talent to the organization.

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GDH: RPO Recruiting with a Focus on Empathy and Responsiveness

By Staff Writer 6/3/20 7:06 AM

As a leader in the staffing industry, GDH bases its growth on respect for both the candidates and their clients. Upon this footing, GDH works closely with its clients to fully understand their business objectives. This approach helps GDH develop authentic and collaborative relationships with clients.

Since its inception in 2001, GDH has built strong and healthy relationships with its clients. Consequently, these clients act as GDH’s brand evangelists, word of mouth powerhouse, and source of energy for its positive growth. GDH’s Net Promoter Score (NPS) reflects this kind of robust loyalty. GDH has an 85 percent Net Promoter Score(NPS) earning it the Best of Staffing Award, whereas the staffing industry NPS average is a negative 2 percent. A significant achievement for GDH since top companies usually have an NPS of 70 or higher.

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Nonprofit HR: Strengthening the Social Impact Sector by Strengthening its People

By Staff Writer 5/14/20 9:23 AM

This year marks the 20th anniversary of Nonprofit HR, a national firm headquartered in Washington, DC. The oldest firm focused exclusively on the talent management needs of social impact organizations, Nonprofit HR is committed to advancing some of the world's most influential organizations.

Since 2000, Nonprofit HR has explicitly focused on the recruitment outsourcing needs of nonprofits, associations, trade organizations, foundations, and social enterprises. Its commitment to mission-driven organizations is unmatched. It dedicates all of its firm's resources to work with mission types from education, to health and human services, arts and culture, policy, civil rights and beyond. This dedication has led Nonprofit HR to win Clearly Rated 2020's Best of Staffing Talent Satisfaction Diamond Award for Service Excellence for five years in a row.

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COVID19 Impact on RPO in Latin America

By Joshua G Rodriguez 4/16/20 2:11 PM

It is estimated that there is 629 million population in the Latin American region. With 33 countries, each has its own unique culture, identity, and history. With Brazil, Mexico, and Argentina being the top three economies in South America, what happens there inevitably impacts the rest of LATAM and The Caribbean.  

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Operating in a World of Uncertainty: How RPOs Fare During a Recession

By Guest 4/13/20 10:55 AM

When we published our first take on this in mid-April, the landscape was already looking challenging, but some of the economic indicators that we were watching then have continued to shift over the last month. This piece has been updated with new information available as of mid-May.

A world of uncertainty. 

This is the reality for many employers today. The landscape changes daily, and of all of the legislative movement and other pandemic responses, one of the biggest challenges is the sheer uncertainty at how long it will last and what the economy will look like on the other side. The RPO provider landscape is not immune to this economic uncertainty. 

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Lessons from China for human resource and business leaders

By Guest 4/2/20 6:06 AM

No one has a crystal ball to look at how business and the economy would look like during and post the coronavirus pandemic. However, we can look to China to learn from their recent experiences. 

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