Advanced RPO Aligns Branding with Market Demands

by Brent G Trotter . .

Advanced RPOTriWorth, acquired by parent company Advanced Group in 2011, has been rebranded as Advanced RPO. With that rebranding comes an evolution of its identity and its strategic offering for clients. 

Advanced RPO has become laser focused on partnering with mid-market clients that truly see talent acquisition as their strategic advantage to give them a competitive edge. This approach requires Advanced RPO to maintain a deep understanding of their clients’ needs to sell their client’s story. The approach is designed to, not only identify the right skill sets for their clients hires, but also the right cultural fit -- which will ultimately grow their clients businesses. 

Advanced RPOWe recently interviewed Pam Verhoff, President of Advanced RPO to talk about what inspired the rebranding and how is Advanced RPO is evolving in response to clients’ needs and changes in the RPO marketplace. 


Many firms offer pre-defined models to address their clients recruiting needs. That approach has worked fairly well, but as the recruiting landscape has begun to shift, so has Advanced RPO’s strategy. 

“We can no longer go to market with pre-defined models. Each client’s business needs are unique and it’s important that we develop solutions that address those unique needs”, says Verhoff. As clients needs evolved, “we’ve crafted an experienced team that is able to sit at the table with talent acquisition leaders and develop solutions that execute on their business strategy”. 

Advanced RPO’s shift in focus to customized RPO solutions indicates a change in the marketplace. RPO’s are starting to adjust to the fact that their clients’ challenges are especially unique. These tailored solutions are based on needs that range from a fully outsourced relationship to just sourcing candidates, and are inclusive of everything in between (hybrid solutions).


Advanced RPO’s focus on talent acquisition as a strategic advantage has also been central to their  approach to serviceingmid-market clients.  

“Think about the impact every new hire has on an organization. Consider how quickly a company is able to elevate themselves within their industry when every new employee makes a positive impact on the organization”, says Verhoff.

“Not only should the impact be positive, it should also happen as quickly as possible. Our clients often talk about ‘time to ramp to full productivity’. Acquiring the right talent that ramps up effectively impacts not only overall employee engagement, it drives an immediate return to the bottom line”. 


A key advantage of working with a recruitment process outsourcing provider is the experience the team bring as a result of working with multiple clients for an extended period of time. For Advanced RPO the experience of the leadership team is a major differentiator. The combined RPO expertise of the team is unmatched and the recruitment expertise of the delivery team is extensive.

For over 20 years, Verhoff has built businesses and helped clients build effective recruitment solutions. She spent five years as a Sr. Vice President leading Aon Consulting’s human capital practice and the next five years building The Right Thing, with Tim Oyer before it was acquired by ADP. She joined The Advanced Group in 2011 as Vice President of Strategic Operations in which she was responsible for the HR, Operations, Training, Marketing and IT teams supporting the Advanced Group businesses. In January 2016, she took on the role as President of Advanced RPO. She attributes her successes to surrounding herself with the right people and prioritizing a values-driven culture.

At Advanced RPO, Verhoff is surrounded by a strong leadership team as well. She’s joined by John Hess, Executive Vice President of Operations and Tim Oyer, Vice President of Sales; both seasoned RPO professionals with a track record of success. Hess brings a unique perspective to clients through his experience leading both corporate talent acquisition and RPO program management, while Oyer was a partner in two different companies that were later acquired by Fortune 500 firms. In total, the three have over 70 years of RPO industry experience. 

That experience and ideology trickles down from the core team to the other 37 employees and is supported by a shared services team of approximately 30 resources that provide HR, marketing, operations, finance, training and technology support.


The culture of the company has been a key ingredient in the success of the approach, too. Employee engagement isn’t just great for clients, it’s at the heart of Advanced RPO’s core values as well.

“The Advanced RPO culture is one of extraordinary employee engagement and is built on a foundation of trusted relationships. We work every day to get better at truly being great. Being great begins with a strong foundation of values, which guide our decision making each and every day. Our foundation of values is REAL - Respect, Excellence, Accountability and Leadership”, says Verhoff. “Our values truly shape our culture. They guide the way we do business, inspire us to draw strength from each other and enable us to deliver outstanding value to our clients”. 


The Advanced Group, the parent company of Advanced RPO, has provided expertise in talent acquisition and management, consulting, outsourcing and professional services since 1988. Advanced Resources, Advanced Clinical, and Wunderland are among the award winning companies under the Advanced Group umbrella. 

With a refreshed approach, experienced team and refined strategic offering, Advanced RPO seems poised to elevate hiring solutions for years to come. 

Company Fact Sheet 
Company Name: Advanced RPO (Privately held)
Founded: 2011 founded as TriWorth. 2016 rebranded as Advanced RPO
Founder & CEO: Leo Sheridan
Headquarters: 111 West Jackson, Suite 1400, Chicago, IL
Parent Company: Advanced Group (founded in 1988) 

Companies under the Advanced Group:

Advanced Resources which Chicagoland’s top award-winning staffing firm with expertise in HR, IT, Accounting & Finance, Healthcare and Office.
Advanced Clinical has over 20 years of experience in the life science industry and is leader in providing clients a better clinical experience.
WunderLand is a team of digital, creative and marketing staffing professionals servicing Chicago, San Francisco, New York, Boston, New Jersey and Connecticut.
Advanced RPO possesses the industry’s most experienced leadership and delivery teams devoted to building progressive recruitment process outsourcing solutions which are highly tailored to client's unique needs.

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