The Hueman Touch in the RPO Industry

By RPOA Staff 9/12/19 6:00 AM

Hueman is a nationally and globally recognized recruitment firm based in Jacksonville Beach, Florida. Hueman is the only organization in the country to be named a Best Workplace 15 years in a row and is the parent company to four organizations, including Recruitment Process Outsourcing firm, Hueman: Your RPO Partner. Hueman offers a range of custom RPO services to a variety of partners across various industries, including healthcare, automotive, education, manufacturing and more. As a Recruitment Process Outsourcing (RPO) partner, Hueman helps clients get a hold on their recruitment so they can attract and retain top talent.

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Saba Leading the Total Talent Technology Industry

By RPOA Staff 7/18/19 6:00 AM

Saba is a global industry leader of innovative talent management technology designed to transform the employee experience and improve the way people develop, engage and succeed at work.

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TalentRISE Combines Technology, a Hands On Approach, and Ample Agility to Provide RPO Excellence

By Steven Dashiell 11/7/18 11:35 AM

Organizations are waking up to the fact that their talent needs are complex and unique. And in today’s fierce recruiting market, taking a conventional or reactionary approach to hiring will not produce the quality candidates needed to drive success.

TalentRISE understands which way the winds are blowing in today’s recruiting market. A “one size fits all” recruiting program is not a feasible approach for many organizations, especially since many of the best candidates are currently employed, and difficult to reach and engage.

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Hueman's Culture-Based Recruiting Model Powers Strategic RPO

By RPOA Staff 3/23/17 5:00 AM

No longer are organizations searching for employees based on skill, know-how and tenure alone. Now, they’re focused on finding employees who are creative, passionate, collaborative and have strong character. In other words, companies are now looking at how to hire hearts instead of just heads. But, the recruitment industry has been slow to evolve to this model.

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Yoh’s Acquisition of DreamJobs Brings More Talent and More Capabilities to an RPO Leader

By RPOA Staff 2/2/17 3:16 PM

Yoh, a leading RPO provider and long-time RPOA member, recently announced the acquisition of DreamJobs, an Ohio-based recruitment solutions firm. The acquisition expands Yoh’s recruitment process outsourcing (RPO) capabilities and adds some of the industry’s most knowledgeable RPO leaders to the Yoh team. The combination of Yoh’s long-term success and the innovations of the DreamJobs team, is a great marriage of recruiting leaders. 

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About Talent: Bringing Heart to the RPO Industry

By RPOA Staff 11/30/16 5:00 AM

About Talent’s name says it all. About Talent is a workforce solutions company that specializes in planning, identifying, acquiring, and managing talent. Backed by a parent company that is recognized for its industry-leading culture and engagement programs, About Talent delivers a culture-focused recruitment methodology that is revolutionizing the RPO industry.

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Novotus: Redefining Partnership and Changing the Game in RPO

By RPOA Staff 10/7/16 6:05 AM

Novotus, recently acquired by military recruiting giant Orion International, is positioned for growth in the recruitment process outsourcing (RPO) market as it leverages its parent company's reach, infrastructure, and capabilities. Novotus (Latin for “change, alter or reinvent”) operates on the keystone principle that a deep partnership with clients is the key to providing the best possible workforce.

The company was founded in Austin, Texas in 2002 by Mike Mayeux & Jimmy Taylor, whose goal was to reinvent the way vendors partnered with their clients to provide successful recruiting outcomes - by putting people at the center of their delivery solutions. Committed to the growth of Novotus, and the recruitment process outsourcing industry in general, Mayeux and Taylor were two of the co-founders- and active members- of the Recruitment Process Outsourcing Association, the leading organization for education and resources for RPO community. 

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Accolo: Leveraging their Talent to Disrupt the RPO Industry – Again!

By RPOA Staff 8/3/16 5:00 AM

Accolo, one of the godfathers of recruitment process outsourcing (RPO), is shaking up the talent industry once again. Accolo, the company that pioneered the fusion of technology with recruiting, is re-focused on their leadership position as a solutions provider. Accolo predicted the movement of RPO from large enterprises to smaller organizations and they understand today’s businesses require more flexibility and attention that are not in the market’s current, rigid models.  

To Accolo, RPO isn’t just about recruiting, but about creating a partnership that helps businesses grow and experience continued success. 

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Newton Talent: Creating Sticky Brands with a High Touch RPO Approach

By RPOA Staff 6/29/16 10:51 AM

For an organization that was born from a global consulting firm with a full suite of technology services, Newton Talent is a very different type of RPO service provider than you might expect. 

Rather than using its expertise to develop a back-end office operation to increase recruitment efficiencies, parent company Newton Consulting discovered that most talent acquisition processes and technologies on the market were built predominantly with one user in mind: the recruiter. Not the hiring team, not the organization, and certainly not the candidate.

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Advanced RPO Aligns Branding with Market Demands

By Brent G Trotter 5/16/16 8:59 AM

TriWorth, acquired by parent company Advanced Group in 2011, has been rebranded as Advanced RPO. With that rebranding comes an evolution of its identity and its strategic offering for clients. 

Advanced RPO has become laser focused on partnering with mid-market clients that truly see talent acquisition as their strategic advantage to give them a competitive edge. This approach requires Advanced RPO to maintain a deep understanding of their clients’ needs to sell their client’s story. The approach is designed to, not only identify the right skill sets for their clients hires, but also the right cultural fit -- which will ultimately grow their clients businesses. 

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