Hire Velocity: Innovative Partner Transforming Recruiting Efforts

by Tim Plamondon . .

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The increased popularity of online therapy has left e-counseling platforms scrambling to rapidly hire therapists and professional counselors to provide high-quality therapy services. Help has come in the form of Hire Velocity.

A major e-counseling company with an aim to revolutionize mental health care by providing easy access to licensed therapists and job opportunities for counselors partnered with Hire Velocity to help it hire high-quality therapists and counselors and keep pace with its enormous growing customer base.

The company needed Hire Velocity to efficiently hire Psychologists (PsyD), Licensed Professional Counselors (LPC), Licensed Mental Health Counselors (LMHC), Licensed Clinical Social Workers (LCSW), and Licensed Marriage and Family Therapists (LMFT) so that more people could receive high-quality therapy from more high-quality clinicians. These candidates needed at least three years of specialized experience and certifications like a master’s or Ph.D.

Hire Velocity streamlined the company's recruitment process with a Full Cycle Recruitment Process Outsourcing (RPO) program to manage the firm’s hiring lifecycle. Hire Velocity used the client’s Applicant Tracking System (ATS) combined with its proprietary ATS, advanced technology, and disciplined recruitment methodology. As a result, Hire Velocity created wider talent pools with a larger number of qualified candidates and built a strong employer brand to win top talent and stay competitive.

Hire Velocity: Transforming Recruiting Efforts Since 2004

Hire Velocity was founded in Atlanta, Georgia in 2004 with the goal of providing high-value outsourced recruiting solutions to support internal Human Resources and Talent Acquisition teams. In 2019, Hire Velocity launched its Executive & Specialty Search practice to further support the needs of its clients.

As of 2023, Hire Velocity offers a full suite of Human Capital Solutions, including Recruitment Process Outsourcing (RPO), Executive and Specialty Search, and Talent Advisory. Today, Hire Velocity is led by its executive team, including Chairman John West; President Marques Smith; Chief Client Officer Sarah Haskin; Managing Director of Marketing Sara West; Managing Director of Executive & Specialty Search Ashley Weinreich; Vice President of Customer Success, Ben Frasher and Vice President of People Operations, Nikki Pearson.

An RPO Pioneer

From its start in 2004, Hire Velocity’s leadership team pioneered a distinct RPO brand. Full Cycle RPO is just one of the many RPO engagement models Hire Velocity offers to help employers reimagine their hiring process. Its other RPO engagement models include Contingent RPO, Project RPO, Enterprise RPO, On-Demand RPO, and Partial Cycle RPO.

Employers turn to Hire Velocity to solve hiring challenges, expand their recruiting team capacity, or when they experienced rapid growth. Hire Velocity’s clients are typically in the mid-market including Fortune 500 companies, startups and emerging companies, government contractors, healthcare providers, major retailers, logistics and transportation companies, and manufacturing and engineering companies. Hire Velocity supports the full spectrum of roles across all disciplines, skill sets, and U.S. geographies.

Hire Velocity sees RPO as putting the employer in the driver's seat while providing a flexible recruiting solution to meet fluctuating hiring needs. Sarah Haskin, Chief Client Officer, loves RPO for these reasons; "It is very partnership-oriented, creative and consultative. The RPO [provider] becomes an extension of [the] client’s talent acquisition team to create the best solution for the client's hiring needs. The strategy and relationship become critical in a successful engagement. In most cases, [an] RPO [provider] engages with the client for hiring [talent] for a business line, department, hard-to-fill locations(s), or skill set."

Hire Velocity is known for going the extra mile for its clients to build a scalable and flexible account structure that can quickly respond to peak hiring seasons and slowed hiring needs. To build that kind of structure, It approaches each client with a fresh set of eyes – spending time doing due diligence around the client’s needs and the challenges they face.

A Recruitment Partner That Goes The Extra Mile

Hire Velocity's devotion to its Pillars of Engagement and HIRED Values of collaboration, teamwork, and communication fuel its ability to go the extra mile for its clients, and looking at a hiring challenge from all possible angles is just one way it exceeds all expectations. There are a few more areas where Hire Velocity puts forth additional effort to be the strategic partner of choice for companies that want to build great teams and businesses.

One area is the expansion of services. When Hire Velocity's expert executive leadership team saw that the talent market needed effective executive search and talent advisory services, it didn't hesitate to create and implement those services. So, it launched two new services: Executive and Specialty Search, and Talent Advisory services.

Another way Hire Velocity puts forth the extra effort is by viewing its clients as partners and building trust with transparency from the start of the relationship with its clients. Hire Velocity is a very high-touch team, and because of that, it can quickly engage and implement strategies for its clients based on the scope and volume of the engagement. If a client needs to pivot to an urgent hiring need, no problem; Hire Velocity can stand recruiting teams up fast.

Fostering a Dynamic Business Culture

Shifting quickly to the needs of its clients is easy for Hire Velocity because it fosters a dynamic and collaborative business culture that embraces innovation, teamwork, and continuous improvement. "We have a strong, positive culture at Hire Velocity," Haskin said. "Our mission and values start with 'Do The Right Thing.' We are client and employee-focused, and we embrace diversity. Every client and employee is unique.” She noted that the team can be creative in providing tailored solutions to clients quickly without needing multiple layers of approval.

Hire Velocity's business culture emphasizes three critical areas for success. First, it creates long-term client partnerships by understanding and meeting their unique needs. Second, it's dedicated to delivering excellence and pushing the boundaries to achieve exceptional results. Third, it understands that a diverse and inclusive workplace is critical to success, and that's why it creates an inclusive and respectful environment to drive innovation and achieve better outcomes.

The driving force behind Hire Velocity's successful business culture success is its values: 1) do the right thing by being committed to honesty and integrity, 2) working collaboratively with clients to achieve success and build strong relationships, 3) working as a team to see solutions and deliver results, 4) being dedicated to self-improvement and providing the best service to its clients, and 5) valuing and celebrating its diverse team and using its differences to maximize the positive effect on hiring processes.

This business culture at Hire Velocity nurtures successful client relationships and leads to longevity. Every client account at Hire Velocity has an executive sponsor at the leadership level who stays involved to ensure that hiring goals and SLA’s are being met and expectations are understood by both parties. “We also have very flexible pricing models that allow our clients to determine how to best work within their forecasting and budgets. All these actions help our client achieve what they approached us for in the beginning, quality hires and better retention.”

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