Saba Leading the Total Talent Technology Industry

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Saba is a global industry leader of innovative talent management technology designed to transform the employee experience and improve the way people develop, engage and succeed at work.

Saba understands the simple truth that when employees are successful, organizations are successful. Saba technology help organizations create a more engaging, inspiring, and empowering work experience to accelerate and sustain the growth and success of their business.

Over the last 20 years, Saba earned the trust of some of the world’s most iconic brands like Hyatt, ADP, and Kimberly-Clark.

A Track Record of Success

In 1997, Saba founders pioneered the Learning Management System (LMS) to help organizations train and educate their employees. As they grew, they saw the connection between training and career development that sparked the idea for many of the innovations they introduced into the marketplace–Saba Performance Management, Succession, Workforce Planning, Recruiting, and ultimately, a smart, unified people-centric platform that combines learning, analytics and social collaboration with talent management capabilities.

Expanding Internationally

In October of 2018, Saba completed the acquisition of Lumesse, a leading provider of talent acquisition, management, and learning experience technology, based in Europe operating in the RPO and MSP space. As well as their more traditional clients, Lumesse currently works with a significant number of best-in-class global and mid-size RPO organizations, along with project outsourcing organizations around the world. Their total talent solution enables both direct enterprise clients and those in the outsourcing space to take their recruiting strategy to the next level. 

Lumesse (now part of Saba) helps organizations engage, recruit and onboard the best people. Their solutions work to keep the user at the center of the experience and make the acquisition journey more collaborative and insight-driven. 

The acquisition enabled Saba to scale its “best in-suite” talent management solutions with international depth and expertise.

As a people-centric organization,  Saba is an ideal partner.

Bigger Than Recruitment

“The main purpose of our technology is to get the right talent in the right role. Whether you are an RPO/MSP organization or a company that handles their recruitment processes internally, our technology and expertise will empower you to take your recruitment strategy and services to the next level,” says Andrew Brown, Global Head RPO, Partners and Alliances.

Saba believes that when done right, talent acquisition is much more than just recruitment. It is about making the process a positive experience for candidates, recruiters and hiring managers. 

Modern organizations need teams that can engage like marketers, source like headhunters, and interpret information like data scientists. They help clients to build these engaging journeys for their users across any activity, on any device at any time, using their Talent Acquisition Platform.

Technology at the Core

Technology is exploding across all areas of our lives, and it’s driving exciting new ways of working. 

As talent acquisition partners, Saba is experienced when it comes to building best-in-class recruitment strategies with global scale and local relevance. Saba provides the highest levels of security and data compliance, multi-language access and local experts to support clients in 20 countries across 3 continents.

The company puts user experiences first by developing technology that matches the lives of consumers. Their technology emphasizes team collaboration, insight-based decision making and is optimized to be worked on any device, at any time. Saba works to build relevant, tailored and measurable interactions that are simple, modern and engaging wherever you are along the Talent Acquisition path.

Saba technology solutions enable clients to convert candidates, make recruiters more productive and guide and inform hiring managers with tools that understand their journeys and motivations. 

Ultimately, people will always be at the heart of Saba’s organization as they continue helping HR leaders transform their people strategies and talent experience while delivering a tangible impact on their businesses.

Company Quick Factsheet

Company: Saba
Founded: 1997
Founders: Bobby Yazdani, Kamyar Kaviani, Patrick R. Bischoff
CEO: Phil Saunders
Locations: 4120 Dublin Blvd, Suite 200, Dublin, California 94566

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