Geometric RPO: A New Global RPO Partnership Rooted in Brand and Candidate Experience

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geometric announcement

Success of any business depends on several factors including but not limited to: habits, beliefs, passion, flexibility, attitude, and yes, relationships. For Method3 Founding Partner, Mark Lukens, relationship is what drives client success and what recently led to a new impactful partnership. “From a business philosophy perspective, I believe that one of the primary ways we can measure our own success is through the number of lives we touch and relationships we build,” says Lukens.

About a year ago, Lukens had the opportunity to meet a few colleagues from Europe and Asia. Conversations continued for months as they each spoke about why they do what we do. “Then there was a moment, a spark, perhaps, and from that spark a concept grew,” Lukens said, the creation of a global partnership of brand-led organizations that could provide recruitment and talent consulting services through a network of globally-aligned yet locally positioned firms. “From our perspective, iIt seemed like the best of both worlds.”

From concept to reality

So fast forward to today and what was once a concept is now a reality. Lukens, and Jon Spark recently announced the formal launch of Geometric

Geometric RPO is global provider of Recruitment Process Outsourcing and Brand services to companies of all sizes.  Through great people, proven process, and leading technology, Geometric, through its member companies, deliver comprehensive brand-led RPO solutions to enhance the candidate experience and drive quality hiring.

At launch (additional announcements coming soon) the founding members are:

Each member provides brand-led talent acquisition, channel innovation, leading edge technology, measurement and insight all tailored within a truly international reach.

Operating Principles

“The partnership is deeper than just handshakes and a new logo,” explains Lukens. “We built a union of organizations that share similar core business beliefs, a commitment to brand, and a passion for driving customer value.” To that point, the network is built around four operating principles:

  1. Global - we unite leading RPO and talent solution providers to create one global network
  2. Technology - to master the complexity of recruitment, we master data. ATS, candidate lifecycle management. sourcing, screening tools, analytics and insight. Whatever the solution, it’s underpinned by leading-edge technology and metrics.
  3. Brand - put simply, we can find the talent that others can’t. Our brand-led approach – and brand-led expertise – shapes everything we do, from programmatic and content marketing, to creating social dialogue in talent communities.
  4. Process - we subscribe to the Japanese philosophy of ‘kaizen’. We constantly improve how our clients work. And how we work. We’re committed to the pursuit of marginal gains. Because 1% improvements add up to substantial transformations.

“Political, societal and technological change is re-shaping the talent landscape. The omnipresent candidate is only ever two clicks away. The real war is no longer in the identification of talent, rather the creation of a compelling brand and experience that will be the deciding factor on whether an individual will click the ‘apply now’ button or return a recruiters call. To ensure that we had true international reach we needed to search for the best RPO providers around the globe who shared our vision. The Geometric Global RPO Network is the culmination of that search.” – Mark Lukens, Founding Partner, Method3

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