Lessons from China for human resource and business leaders

By Guest 4/2/20 6:06 AM

No one has a crystal ball to look at how business and the economy would look like during and post the coronavirus pandemic. However, we can look to China to learn from their recent experiences. 

According to Michael Distefano, Korn Ferry’s president for the Asia Pacific region, “if Asia is a harbinger for how the virus will play out in Europe, North America, and elsewhere, leaders should prepare for a roller-coaster recovery.” He explained that [the recovery] “is not turning out to be a V in Asia but more a U or even a roller-coaster W shape.”

“China’s progress against coronavirus used draconian tactics not likely to be deployed in the West”, reports WSJ. Yet, we can still look at their business experience and find some learning lessons we can apply.

Maria Kotova, Head of UK & Ireland Business Development & Advisory with China-based company Dezan Shira & Associates, shared the following first-hand insights on the current work conditions in their business offices. 

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Aberdeen's Zach Chertok shares his reaction to the coronavirus

By Guest 3/19/20 10:28 AM
Among all the disruptors that anyone might have predicted for 2020 (e.g., presidential campaign, trade tariffs, etc.), no one would have predicted a global pandemic like the coronavirus we're currently experiencing. And while employers have been priding themselves with driving higher employee engagements in the workplace, we're finding ourselves having to experience "social distancing" and working remotely.
As media outlets continue to report on what the pandemic means to individuals and the economy, the RPOA wants to do its part and report on what the pandemic means to us, as a PRO and talent acquisition community. 
We invite you to reach out to the RPO Association ( info@rpoassociation.org) with your thoughts on the following questions. Here we share the insights of a brilliant analyst and regular RPOA contributor, Zach Chertok, HCM Analyst with Aberdeen. 

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