Newton Talent: Creating Sticky Brands with a High Touch RPO Approach

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For an organization that was born from a global consulting firm with a full suite of technology services, Newton Talent is a very different type of RPO service provider than you might expect. 

Rather than using its expertise to develop a back-end office operation to increase recruitment efficiencies, parent company Newton Consulting discovered that most talent acquisition processes and technologies on the market were built predominantly with one user in mind: the recruiter. Not the hiring team, not the organization, and certainly not the candidate.

The company set out to change all that with a strategic-focused and uniquely high-touch RPO solution that can streamline recruitment processes, enhance the candidate experience, and improve quality of hire. 

Today, Newton Talent provides highly-tailored end-to-end RPO solutions for companies in a broad range of industries, including manufacturing, electronics/engineering, pharmaceutical, technology, banking/finance, telecommunications, consumable products/retail, insurance, medical/healthcare, and more.

“Whether our clients have complex needs, aggressive timelines or simply demand that outpace their current internal capabilities, they find our unique customized solution extends the power of the company’s brand, engages faster and more fruitfully, and helps the company proactively prepare for future business needs,” says Director of Innovation Patty Van Leer Silbert.

“The Newton Talent difference is a deeper involvement—from client onboarding and throughout the engagement—as well as better expertise, more robust strategy, and services that are more high-touch. It’s an approach that we have found continually out-performs the traditional, more transactional and technology-driven RPO services when it comes to creating a better engagement experience, and it continually exceeds our clients’ expectations.”

In fact, Newton Talent RPO Solutions were named a 2015 HRO Baker’s Dozen Award winner, a designation awarded RPOs best for client satisfaction. 

The Relationship-Driven Partnership

One of the major differences in working with Newton Talent is the relationship, says Silbert. “In fact, everything about our business should build trust in  our client’s brand at this important juncture. Creating this highly personable candidate experience has a major impact in attracting and retaining that top candidate. It makes the relationship with the company’s brand so much “stickier.” It is why we put more value in building a people-centric business model over that of a large back-office operation.”

How important is high touch? “For any company that would want to take a pulse on their current recruiting system,” says Silbert, “I would suggest they talk to the ten people who most recently received a declination response from that company. You will see immediately how important high-touch is to your brand.” 

“It is also why we take both hiring manager survey data and candidate experience survey data after every hire or declination in order to measure the company’s candidate experience and identify ways to improve it,” she added.

Creating a high-touch experience takes a team of seasoned specialists, from Talent Advisors to Customer Care, and Newton Talent has one of the most experienced teams in the market.  “Their backgrounds and experience in corporate recruiting ensures our clients have brand ambassadors with the professionalism, skills, and integrity to successfully engage with top talent and provide candidates the type of experience that complements and enhances your brand,” says Silbert. 

Company Fact Sheet 

Newton Talent

Company Name: Newton Talent
Founded: 2015 
Parent Company: Newton Consulting 
: Rick Newton
Headquarters: 4632 State Route 40 Suite 200Claysville, PA 15323

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