Mynt Consultants: A Global RPO Consultancy with a Passion for Advancing the RPO Industry

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Mynt Consultants is a dynamic consulting company with a fresh approach to recruitment process outsourcing (RPO).  Mynt Consultants plays an essential role in the RPO marketplace, serving both buyers and providers and bridging the gap between the two communities.  Founded in 2015, it is a young company whose principals have many years of experience in the RPO industry.  The primary goal of the company is to provide timely employment solutions to assist organizations in hiring and retaining talent through a consistent process.

Mynt Consultants – Foundation and experience

Co-founders and owners, Maru Gonzalez and Cynthia Cohen, are no strangers to recruitment process outsourcing. Their experience and relationship goes back more than a decade, prevailing over time and across continents. Maru and Cynthia met in 2006 while working for the first global outsourced recruitment company in Argentina and Uruguay. They quickly moved into leadership roles, becoming team leaders and eventually managers for recruitment implementation. Cynthia left the company and founded Sixto Recruiting, a specialized recruitment firm which in 2009 was acquired by Kenexa, a recruiting agency based in the U.S.  Maru was hired by Kenexa a few months later.  Together Maru and Cynthia helped build the foundation for the company and turned Kenexa into the top outsource provider in Latin America. They created the RPO Training Academy within Kenexa, which helped in the exponential growth of the organization. In 2011, Cynthia moved into implementations to support the global team in the launch of new RPO projects, and within two years she became RPO Implementation Director for Latin America.  Maru joined the team to act as the Global Process & Technology Trainer.

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Over the years, Maru and Cynthia have launched more than forty implementations for Fortune 500 companies in multiple industries (including gas & oil, automotive, consumer goods, IT, and retail) and in various global geographies (Americas, Europe, Middle East & Asia). Maru and Cynthia have proven they have the expertise needed to adapt a global process to a local framework no matter what the industry, geography, or technology utilized. They focus on understanding the culture, language, and regulations to be able to meet client’s expectations. 


Mynt Consultants possess unique qualities that enables it to deliver on its RPO promises. Maru and Cynthia are process-driven, relationship-focused, and global-market-savvy.  Describing themselves as “process-addicts,” Maru and Cynthia founded Mynt Consultants with the objective of having an impact on organizations that want to transform their recruiting processes. Both have a solid project management background, which is an essential component of project success. 

Mynt Consultants believe that a clear recruitment process plays a critical part in organizational growth. Maru and Cynthia thrive on understanding the context, thereby creating, improving and implementing processes within the recruiting industry. They have a special eye for finding gaps, interconnecting activities and implementing enhancements to transform an existing process into a smooth and easy new recruiting process that better reflects the company’s present and future requirements. 

Maru and Cynthia believe that a healthy RPO ecosystem encompasses many players including customers, service providers, consultants and supporting vendors. For all to function properly and create change, it is essential to work to the highest standards and create a consistent recruitment process. Mynt Consultant’s vision is to be able to connect all these players by understanding who they are, what their strengths and needs are, and which solution can best fulfil their potential.  Mynt Consultants then implements and collaborates in a long-lasting relationship with the provider and buyer.

Cynthia lives in Buenos Aires, Argentina and Maru in Luxemburg, and this multinational presence is key to supporting clients in multiple countries, languages, cultures, time zones, technologies, and labor force regulations. Having a special position in the RPO ecosystem as a connector among players and problem-solver, it is part of Mynt Consultant’s goal to become strategic business partners to providers and buyers by assisting them in any situation related to RPO. Mynt Consultants strongly believes in building relationships; it’s part of their DNA and they have a passion for providing solutions to buyers’ needs as well as understanding the providers’ limitations and advising them on a plan of action.

Passion for the RPO Industry

Recruitment process outsourcing is gaining momentum in the recruiting world, yet there is much to be done to advance the industry and spread awareness. Mynt Consultants’ Maru and Cynthia have a strong drive in making a difference and working with all players in the RPO marketplace.

Working with companies, Mynt Consultants can become the key ally in achieving recruiting success. It all starts with identifying the client requirements (whether it is project management, process, technology, change management, technology implementation/improvements, CPI, or training), building a strong and lasting relationship with the RPO partner, and planning and executing solid RPO implementations through the methodology (working with the client to discover, create and close its project.)

Implementing a new RPO project can be a challenge on different levels for the provider and the buyer. With their unique set of skills, Mynt Consultants is offering its services for both sides: 1) for RPO providers, Mynt Consultants collaborates through the implementation of RPO, not the delivery; offering their global expertise and extensive knowledge of the RPO industry and implementation methodology to support them improving their own process or assist them in new regions; 2) for RPO buyers, Mynt Consultants advises on how enter the RPO world and assists in choosing the best RPO provider.

Maru and Cynthia are committed to acting as the liaison between parties, and to working together to achieve their organizational goal and the greater good of the PRO industry.

Company Fact Sheet


Company name: Mynt Consultants LLC
Year Founded: 2015
Founders: Cynthia Cohen & Maru Gonzalez
Footprint: Global 
Private/public: Private 

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