Can RPO enhance workforce diversity?

by Joshua G Rodriguez

Can an RPO enhance workforce diversity?

Diversity and inclusion (D&I) in the workplace are more important than ever before. According to a PWC survey, “Globally, organisations are committing to D&I at higher rates than ever, with 87 percent of respondents indicating that D&I is a stated value or priority for their organisation.” Undoubtedly, D&I is becoming the norm compared to the exception. With a younger generation and workforce having the most substantial influence, corporate leadership needs to discover ways of implementing these trends. So, what is diversity in the workplace?

Workforce diversity is the similarities and differences among employees in terms of age, cultural background, physical abilities and disabilities, race, religion, gender, and sexual orientation.

With a better understanding of the types of diversity, we can begin to understand why it becomes essential in the workplace. We'll also show how an outsourced solution such as RPO can shape corporate identity and boost diverse hiring.

Why is workplace diversity important?    

Diversity makes the workforce heterogeneous. For example, we're currently in the middle of the nationally recognized celebration of Hispanic Heritage Month, which starts September 15th and ends October 15th (awkward, I know). 

If a company has a significant Hispanic workforce, then by announcing the importance of this month, it would mean you are providing an inclusive work environment.  

Incubating a more comfortable work environment to a group of employees can encourage longevity, even a sense of loyalty to business culture.  Expressing appreciation for the contributions of Hispanics and Latin Americans that have positively influenced your corporation will go far. 

In the recruiting industry, organizations endeavor continuous improvement of their competitive advantage. They must learn how to manage a diverse workforce successfully, and it's culture. However, achieving D&I in the workplace and thorough hiring can be daunting and require leadership commitment as demonstrated by the stated PWC survey

Leading RPO companies understand the significance of D&I and are experts recruiting for a diverse workplace. RPOs know that diversity is not the means to an end, but a means to a more inclusive and more productive workplace.

Three categories accurately identify diversity.

Look inside most offices today, and you will see an in-house variety of people from a broad spectrum of backgrounds. With such a variance of ethnicity, gender, age, race, and disability status, we should understand the vital categories as recruitment experts do.  

“Let’s take a look at the categories” (Alex Trebek voice)

  1. Experiential diversity relates to life experiences, such as being a mother or father, an immigrant, a military veteran, or a former politician.
  2. Informational diversity includes specific knowledge and educational backgrounds, such as a high school education versus an MBA education.
  3. Fundamental diversity is individual beliefs with an emphasis on value. As such,  the importance of ethics in the workplace, as well as the relationships between employees and their organizations.

Can an RPO enhance workforce diversity?

Three ways RPO helps with workplace diversity

An RPO provides many salutary benefits when it implements and manages organizational diversity. It can directly drive the improvement and productivity of a company. When the said company wants a continuous pipeline of diverse candidates but doesn't know how to locate them, using an RPO recruitment model will help with diversity sourcing.

Here are three solid ways an RPO improves workforce diversity:

  1. Talent Attraction and retention
    Prospective employees will notice your company job boards, social media groups, forums, publications, and events. Why? Employees are looking for what feels like a place they can fit in, even if you don't hear them say it explicitly because they feel understood. RPOs will attract talent to an inclusive culture.

  2. Developing your employer brand and following
    Is your employer brand known in your industry for a diverse workforce and work environment? RPOs will step into the role of achieving an organization's mission and purpose; they become brand ambassadors who can accomplish more than meeting your marketing budget. An RPO will recruit genuinely and authentically.

  3. Empathy and creativity
    Diverse teams bring the collection of their experiences and are less likely to practice groupthink. Additionally, RPOs add value to customer-facing engagements, and it's essential to have a team that represents the people you serve.

Benefits of a diversity program through an outsourced solution

The benefit of focusing on diversity and inclusion within an organization is that employees feel comfortable to participate and contribute their ideas. An outsourced RPO will understand the corporate culture they'll be recruiting in alignment with. 

Corporate culture can be a competitive differentiator or a liability. Remember that employees need to feel appreciated for their individuality since they can provide divergent thinking to help an organization grow. 

Additionally, diversity enables an organization to connect to new geographies and develop a diversification of products, services, and strategies. RPO solutions and its management can strategically maximize the capability and productivity levels of employees by emphasizing the importance of aligned diversity initiatives.

Diversity and inclusion make smart business sense.

Today companies are quick to discuss the topic of diversity, yet, the ‘struggle is real’  to implement any substantial change within the workplace. More than ever, employees say that they crave meaning and purpose in their roles and want to be part of a "great culture."

Take a moment to think if you're a women-owned company and walk into a room dominated by males without another female present. How much more freely could business be conducted with female representation present.  Clearly, this would enable potential and existing business partners to optimize their processes and maximize their performance.

Investing in diversity builds and grows the most reliable team possible. If you do some homework, you’ll find resources are available. Providing details of how to invest in diversity with insights allows you to get it done with your RPO partner so you can centralize your core functions effectively. 

The truth is diversity matters. Working together with an RPO provider and determining the role culture and diversity will play with the recruiting process will establish a more welcoming workplace and excellent productivity.

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