#RPOA WEEKLY: 10 Best Recruiting Stories of 2017

by Staff Writer

Top recruiting stories of 2017

As a talent acquisition professional you need to stay informed of topics affecting your work environment. Finding, attracting, and engaging top talent that drives business value to your organization is becoming a complex discipline pivoting from human resources into leadership, marketing and business development, all of which have a technology spin that’s further adding to this complexity.

Our goal is report on trends and best practices in the talent acquisition space to keep you informed. This year, some of the hot topics that made our Best Recruiting Stories for the year covered employer brand, work diversity, recruitment process outsourcing, corporate culture, recruiting technology, the labor economy and employment regulations.

Here is our 10 Best Recruiting Stories of 2017.

  1. Building an Insightful Talent Pipeline with Recruitment Process Outsourcing
  2. Avoid This Mistake When Handling Negative Reviews on Glassdoor
  3. Don't Get Sued for Screening Candidates Online! Follow These Policy Tips
  4. Effective Methods to Increase Workplace Diversity
  5. The Art of Storytelling to Recruit Top Candidates
  6. Look for These Six Qualities When Assigning Your Next Leader
  7. 3 Common Misconceptions About RPO (And What You Should Know Instead)
  8. Success Story: Being the Best in the World at Building Business Culture
  9. RPO Implementation –  Technology is Recruitment’s Best Friend
  10. Employee Referral Program: Tips to Drive Top Talent

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