5 Barriers to widespread adoption of Total Talent Acquisition

By Staff Writer Thu, Feb 13,2020 @ AM

As industries everywhere acknowledge the impact of digital transformation, globalization, and talent mobility, they’re faced with the challenge of adapting and rethinking talent in new and unconventional ways.

Total Talent Acquisition (TTA) is at the forefront of this shift. Though enthusiasm for the approach has been high for over five years, there hasn’t been much forward movement on it. In fact, less than a quarter of organizations who say Total Talent is a high priority have it in place.

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Key ingredients for Total Talent success

By Staff Writer Thu, Feb 06,2020 @ AM

A successful total talent strategy is one that empowers your organization to focus on the value workers provide without focusing on their employment status. A Total Talent Acquisition (TTA) method has a number of distinct advantages over a traditional fractured or siloed approach to recruitment including access to wider candidate pools, cost reductions in labor and organizational tasks, simplified contract negotiations, and shared technologies.

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4 Key reasons you should consider a total talent workforce

By Staff Writer Tue, Jan 28,2020 @ AM

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Top reasons for bringing RPO to your organization

By Staff Writer Thu, Jan 23,2020 @ AM

Recruitment Process Outsourcing (RPO) is a holistic solution that has proven to be beneficial to organizations across all industries. The growth of the RPO market has come at a time, characterized by massive disruption with organizations shifting their focus to strategically optimize their processes. What makes RPO a strategic solution in today's talent environment? Here, RPO experts weigh in on the main reasons for adopting an RPO solution and the value RPO brings to your organization.

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Allison Kruse of Kforce speaks on employer branding best practices

By Staff Writer Thu, Jan 02,2020 @ AM

Talent acquisition (TA) professionals understand the importance of an effective employee advocacy program (EAP). An effective EAP completes the employment branding and recruitment marketing strategy. TA leaders also understand the importance of employee value proposition (EVP). The EVP says who the organization is as an employer through their employees; while, the employer brand sends out that message to their external talent market.

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4 Things you should know about RPO partnerships

By Staff Writer Thu, Dec 12,2019 @ AM

Today, recruitment process outsourcing presents a proven-strategy for attracting and recruiting top talent. Business and talent acquisition leaders must understand the requirements of partnering with an RPO provider to get the most from their investment. Here, top experts explain what you should know about working with an RPO partner.

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Understanding the new role of talent acquisition leaders

By Staff Writer Thu, Dec 05,2019 @ AM

The way companies recruit has changed dramatically in the last five years. Perhaps nowhere is that more evident than in the use of recruitment marketing to find talent, communicate with candidates, and showcase the organization’s culture and brand.

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What you are getting wrong about recruitment process outsourcing (RPO)

By Staff Writer Thu, Nov 21,2019 @ AM

Recruitment process outsourcing (RPO) has been around for a while, yet a lot of myths and misconceptions cloud its value. For example, RPO is often confused with other staffing and recruiting solutions. One of the most significant differences is that RPO is consultive and strategic, while staffing is transactional. 

To understand some of the stigma associated with RPO in the marketplace, the Recruitment Process Outsourcing Association hosted a panel discussion with top RPO and talent acquisition leaders to shed some light on the topic. This article highlights a few takeaways from their conversation.

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What you don’t know about today’s RPO solutions

By Staff Writer Thu, Nov 14,2019 @ AM

Recruitment Process Outsourcing (RPO) continues to grow as organizations seek to optimize their operations strategically in a dynamic environment largely characterized by technological disruption and talent shortage. 

The Recruitment Process Outsourcing Association partnered with leading industry analyst, Aberdeen, on a panel discussion including top RPO leaders to understand the evolving value proposition of RPO in the current talent acquisition environment. 

This article summarizes the highlight of this discussion.


PeopleScouts’ Michael Yinger reveals imperative insights on global recruiting

By Staff Writer Thu, Nov 07,2019 @ AM

The state of global labor markets remains highly competitive. According to PeopleScout’s recent job reports, unemployment rate fell to 5.5 percent in Canada and 3.5 percent in the US, and rose to 3.9 percent in the UK and 5.3 percent in Australia. Organizations hiring in global markets face additional cultural and international challenges in addition to the more common recruiting challenges most organizations deal with. Recruitment process outsourcing companies with global reach provide an effective strategy for global hiring.

In this exclusive interview with Recruitment Process Outsourcing Association, Michael Yinger from global RPO leader PeopleScout, shares remarkable insights on the drivers for global talent acquisition and the response of RPO to these conditions.

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