Why Employers Value Recruitment Process Outsourcing Companies

by Lamees Abourahma


Recruitment process outsourcing (RPO) companies are becoming increasingly valuable to employers. More and more organizations of all sizes are turning to RPO companies to maximize insights about the global talent market, streamline their hiring process, attract top talent, and thrive in any condition of the talent market.  

In my recent RPOA Expert Panel discussion, global talent leaders Rob Navarette of WTW, Trent Cotton of Hatchworks, Kelly Burlage of Lineage Logistics, and workforce analyst Zach Chertok of IDC provided valuable insights about hiring strategies amidst a volatile global talent market and why employers value RPO.  

Our 60-minute discussion covered important questions. We are sharing highlights of the conversation in a blog post series. In the first post, our discussion covered how uncertainty in the talent market has affected strategy. In the second post, the panelists explained what employers can do to be successful in a volatile talent market. In this final post of the series, we share the panelists’ views on why employers value their RPO relationships. If you hire talent globally, this post will be helpful to you.

With all the shifts in the dynamics of the global talent market, I asked why RPO is an important talent acquisition solution and why employers highly value RPO. The panel of talent experts Navarrete, Burlage, Cotton, and Chertok responded. 

RPO Provides Flexibility to Thrive Amidst Shifts in the Talent Market

Chertok highlighted that it's increasingly essential for organizations to keep their workforce competitive with fresh, innovative talent. However, he sees many employers needing help accessing this talent because of outdated recruitment strategies and processes. He explained that an RPO is a powerful resource to gain access to new talent. An RPO partner provides strategic guidance and external market intelligence. With specific positions and skills being critical factors in remaining adaptable in times of change, an RPO can bring particular expertise that goes well beyond that of a generic inbound recruiting team. Organizations partnering with an RPO can reach new levels of innovation and competitiveness in their workforce.

Dovetailing Chertok's observations, Cotton emphasized that an RPO partner provides highly efficient hiring processes on a large scale. RPOs can access data across numerous industries and compare and contrast that data to ensure the best results for an organization. By adopting some of these strategies, companies can learn to be more cost-effective and maintain top-notch hiring standards without compromising speed or quality. 

Chertok added that from his market analysis of the "great realignment" or shifts in the talent market, he observed that RPOs have been particularly sensitive to these shifts; they have their finger on the pulse of the talent market. Quickly recognizing economic, geopolitical, and technological changes, RPOs can adjust their strategies to keep pace with these shifts. In the increasingly competitive talent market, RPOs demonstrated a strong awareness of the need to source and screen teams to keep up with these changes.

Take a deep dive into why employers value modern RPO partnerships.


RPO Helps Maximize Market Intelligence to Streamline the Hiring Process and Attract the Best Talent

As businesses try to stay ahead in their respective industries, RPOs are becoming increasingly valuable. Not only do they offer scalability, but they can also help maximize market intelligence. This point Burlage emphasized, noting that leveraging RPO partnerships can lead to better use of market intelligence. By working with an RPO, companies can adjust to the changing marketplace more quickly and gain deeper insights. As a result, RPOs are becoming critical partners for companies looking to stay competitive and navigate the volatile global talent market.

Navarette shared that WTW has partnered with three RPOs, and each partnership has proven to be a strategic move toward achieving their hiring goals. Through this collaboration, he added, they've been able to understand different markets better, gain valuable insights into talents, and quickly scale up for occasional seasonal hiring in the Americas. The RPOs' talent insights and market intelligence have been invaluable assets, allowing WTW to streamline its hiring process and improve its review system significantly. He emphasized that this partnership has enabled them to stay ahead of the competition and find the right people to fill critical roles. Overall, it's been a beneficial collaboration that has helped WTW to succeed in its hiring efforts.

Overall, RPOs can be an excellent resource for any organization looking to access new talent entering the market. They provide strategic guidance, market intelligence, efficient hiring processes, data from across different industries, and the ability to adjust to changes in the talent market quickly. By leveraging RPO partnerships, businesses can maximize their market intelligence, talent insights, and capacity to scale up quickly and effectively. We invite you to head to the RPO Academy to watch the entire discussion, where you'll learn more about how organizations can benefit from RPOs. Additionally, you'll receive helpful advice and resources from our experts on how your business can make the most of today's RPO strategies. So don't hesitate and learn all about RPOs now!

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