7 Reasons why you need an RPO during the Coronavirus pandemic

By Staff Writer Wed, Apr 08,2020 @ AM

One of the main challenges for companies hiring during the Coronavirus pandemic is to speed up their hiring process. Industries like Healthcare, Grocery Retail, and Manufacturing are feeling their hiring functions stretched to their limits. Recruitment process outsourcing providers (RPOs) offer a strategic solution for high volume hiring situations. So during this pandemic, it's an excellent time to partnering with an RPO for your hiring functions to weather these troubling times. Here are seven reasons why.

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How an RPO partner can expedite your hiring process

By Staff Writer Thu, Mar 26,2020 @ AM

The recent coronavirus pandemic has flipped the labor market on its head. Some businesses have volunteered to close while others were mandated to close. This action has caused upticks in unemployment. The Department of Labor (DOL) reported that as of the week ending March 14, 2020, it saw an increase in initial jobless claims by 70,000 to a seasonally adjusted level of 281,000. According to the DOL, several states specifically said that COVID-19 caused the layoffs. Some companies have frozen hiring efforts until there's more certainty about the economic impact of the virus. However, some businesses are hiring. Amazon is looking to fill 100,000 positions; the supermarket chain Kroger is looking to fill 10,000 jobs. Also, Healthcare providers, biotech, and pharmaceuticals are hiring, and big tech firms are hiring.

For industries that sharply increased their hiring volume because of the coronavirus, speeding the hiring process is vital to meet the sudden increased demand for jobs. In this post, we'll discuss the importance of reducing time-to-hire and show three ways recruitment process outsourcing (RPO) can help with this important recruiting metric.  

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Talent Acquisition: Top human resource leaders share their proven strategies

By Staff Writer Thu, Mar 12,2020 @ AM

With a candidate-favorable labor market, organizations are facing fierce competition for talent. Talent acquisition practices that worked five or three years ago are no longer effective in hiring the right people, or getting them onboard fast enough.

Joe Marino, Senior Vice President with Hueman RPO, recently interviewed three talent acquisition leaders from different industries, company sizes, and geographical distribution to learn about their talent acquisition strategy. Here's an edited transcript of their conversation on common recruiting challenges and how each leader has positioned their organization to meet hiring needs.

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How RPO employs technology to enhance your candidate experience

By Staff Writer Thu, Mar 05,2020 @ AM

Efficient business operations begin with a happy workforce. Research from the University of Warwick shows that when a workforce is happy, productivity increases by 12%. Enhanced productivity equals higher profit margins, and happy employees start with creating a positive candidate experience. In 2020, to create positive candidate experiences, employers are searching for ways to empathize with their potential employees on a deeper level. These employers rightly believe that understanding prospective new hires will help recruit skilled talent in a small labor market. 

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5 Barriers to widespread adoption of Total Talent Acquisition

By Staff Writer Thu, Feb 13,2020 @ AM

As industries everywhere acknowledge the impact of digital transformation, globalization, and talent mobility, they’re faced with the challenge of adapting and rethinking talent in new and unconventional ways.

Total Talent Acquisition (TTA) is at the forefront of this shift. Though enthusiasm for the approach has been high for over five years, there hasn’t been much forward movement on it. In fact, less than a quarter of organizations who say Total Talent is a high priority have it in place.

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Key ingredients for Total Talent success

By Staff Writer Thu, Feb 06,2020 @ AM

A successful total talent strategy is one that empowers your organization to focus on the value workers provide without focusing on their employment status. A Total Talent Acquisition (TTA) method has a number of distinct advantages over a traditional fractured or siloed approach to recruitment including access to wider candidate pools, cost reductions in labor and organizational tasks, simplified contract negotiations, and shared technologies.

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4 Key reasons you should consider a total talent workforce

By Staff Writer Tue, Jan 28,2020 @ AM

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Top reasons for bringing RPO to your organization

By Staff Writer Thu, Jan 23,2020 @ AM

Recruitment Process Outsourcing (RPO) is a holistic solution that has proven to be beneficial to organizations across all industries. The growth of the RPO market has come at a time, characterized by massive disruption with organizations shifting their focus to strategically optimize their processes. What makes RPO a strategic solution in today's talent environment? Here, RPO experts weigh in on the main reasons for adopting an RPO solution and the value RPO brings to your organization.

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How candidate experience can make or break an employer brand

By Guest Thu, Jan 02,2020 @ AM

With 2020 just rolling in, experts predict that candidate experience will continue to be one of HR’s top priorities, and for good reason. A positive candidate experience helps companies not only attract more talent, but attract a higher quality of talent. It can expand referrals, increase positive social recruiting connections and improve company reviews, ultimately leading to more resumes. More importantly, candidate experience can have a long-lasting impact on a company’s reputation – good or bad.

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Allison Kruse of Kforce speaks on employer branding best practices

By Staff Writer Thu, Jan 02,2020 @ AM

Talent acquisition (TA) professionals understand the importance of an effective employee advocacy program (EAP). An effective EAP completes the employment branding and recruitment marketing strategy. TA leaders also understand the importance of employee value proposition (EVP). The EVP says who the organization is as an employer through their employees; while, the employer brand sends out that message to their external talent market.

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