TalentRISE Combines Technology, a Hands On Approach, and Ample Agility to Provide RPO Excellence

By Steven Dashiell 11/7/18 11:35 AM

Organizations are waking up to the fact that their talent needs are complex and unique. And in today’s fierce recruiting market, taking a conventional or reactionary approach to hiring will not produce the quality candidates needed to drive success.

TalentRISE understands which way the winds are blowing in today’s recruiting market. A “one size fits all” recruiting program is not a feasible approach for many organizations, especially since many of the best candidates are currently employed, and difficult to reach and engage.

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Hueman globally recognized for employee engagement, wins Gallup Great Workplace Award

By Staff Writer 5/16/18 7:04 AM

JACKSONVILLE, Fla., April 18, 2018 -- Hueman People Solutions, a nationally-recognized recruitment company, has won the Gallup Great Workplace Award, a global recognition that honors thriving organizations dedicated to optimizing employee engagement. Hueman is among 39 leading organizations in the world to receive Gallup's highest honor this year.

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Hueman acquires Northeast Florida's leading marketing communications staffing and recruiting firm, Agency a la Carte

By Staff Writer 5/16/18 7:00 AM

JACKSONVILLE, Fla., March 28, 2018 -- Hueman People Solutions, a nationally-recognized recruitment company, has acquired Agency a la Carte, a leading staffing and recruiting firm specializing in marketing communications and creative services. Founded in 1994, Agency a la Carte has served a variety of clients throughout Northeast Florida including EverBank, Adecco Group, Acosta Sales and Marketing, Regency Centers, Stein Mart and more.

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Geometric RPO: A New Global RPO Partnership Rooted in Brand and Candidate Experience

By Staff Writer 5/9/18 9:40 AM

Success of any business depends on several factors including but not limited to: habits, beliefs, passion, flexibility, attitude, and yes, relationships. For Method3 Founding Partner, Mark Lukens, relationship is what drives client success and what recently led to a new impactful partnership. “From a business philosophy perspective, I believe that one of the primary ways we can measure our own success is through the number of lives we touch and relationships we build,” says Lukens.

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2018 Rising RPO Disruptors: The Changing Landscape of Recruitment Process Outsourcing

By Lamees Abourahma 4/16/18 6:00 AM

The increasing complexity of recruiting and the importance of top talent to organizations’ strategic growth continue to create ripe conditions for those organizations to outsource their recruiting functions to external providers. And while currently dominated by big players – incumbents of the likes of ManpowerGroup, Hudson, Cielo, and KellyOCG – the RPO marketplace is being disrupted by providers reaching to new underserved markets with quality recruiting solutions.


Industry Report: 2018 Talent Acquisition and RPO Trends

By Lamees Abourahma 2/6/18 6:00 AM

Last year was a competitive year for employers in the United States, with the job market growing continually throughout the year. According to the Bureau of Labor Statistics (BLS), unemployment rates dropped over the year, from 4.8% in January 2017 to 4.1% in November 2017, with a 2.1 million gain in payroll employment growth.

2017 also brought a series of political and policy changes that will be felt well into 2018 and beyond, as the Trump administration began its tenure, intent on rolling back employment policies and legislation from the last administration.

This report details some of the trends and market influencers that will play a role in the talent acquisition space as we move into 2018. We’ve reached out to several talent acquisition experts to get their insight  on what talent acquisition leaders should keep an eye on as 2018 progresses, and how they can stay prepared for the changes and challenges to come.

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The RPOA Partners with Aberdeen on Talent Acquisition Research

By Staff Writer 12/21/17 12:20 PM

The Recruitment Process Outsourcing Association has recently partnered with Aberdeen to bring our members market research insight on talent acquisition, and offer you the opportunity to participate in surveys contributing to this research. 


Stay Connected and Keep Clients Informed in the Wake of a Disaster

By Staff Writer 10/23/17 5:00 AM

Recruitment process outsourcing firms (RPOs) sometimes have the daunting task of reducing the time-to-fill for their clients, and this challenge is not excused even for a natural disaster. Open jobs can cost employers thousands of dollars when unfilled and RPO firms are compensated for the quick turnaround of their service. When natural disasters such as seasonal hurricanes hit, RPOs need to work through their deteriorating work environment, service their clients, and keep communication channels open.


Advice to Keep Your Business in Action During a Storm

By Staff Writer 10/19/17 10:11 AM

During our last coverage of disaster planning and management, we heard from People Science on their encounter with Superstorm Sandy and how business had to continue on, despite several weeks of change. In this article, we look at another RPO’s brush with Hurricane Irma and offer some advice from the experts on keeping your company (and clients) afloat during a natural disaster.

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Staying Afloat: How One Recruiting Firm Weathered a Major Hurricane

By Staff Writer 10/16/17 8:34 AM

Safety is the first priority when it comes to any natural disaster. However, the effects of a disaster can be felt long after the end of such an event. And even during such an event, businesses receive no pass. Business owners will need to find a way to keep the business moving during and after the storm, or incur heavy costs – or even worse, closure of the business.

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