#RPOAWeekly: Finding Potential Talent

By Lamees Abourahma Tue, Aug 01,2017 @ AM

Many or most managers are incapable of distinguishing between performance and potential when it comes to hiring talent. Predictions about future success are abysmal. False positives are common. Could unconscious bias rooted in our brain be standing in the way of making the best hiring decisions? What are the best predictors of leadership and learning agility?

We’ve recently spoken with renowned speaker and published author, Kim E. Ruyle, about the topic. Kim reviewed research and provided a framework to accurately identify high potential talent, accelerate their development, and retain these critical employees.

Besides potential talent, our #RPOAWeekly covers workplace culture and the equilibrium between technology and human interactions in recruiting.

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Success Story: Being the Best in the World at Building Business Culture

By Steven Dashiell Thu, Jul 27,2017 @ AM

Being named a top employer in an industry has many advantages, in particular the ability to become a magnet to top talent. Hueman, a recruitment processing outsourcing company based in Jacksonville Beach, FL knows this first hand. Over the past 21 years, the leadership team at Hueman amassed a series of accolades, receiving Best Workplace from the Great Place to Work Institute over 15 times. Thirteen of these awards, received while Hueman was still a division of PPR Talent Management Group, were received consecutively – the only company to achieve such accomplishments.

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How Best Workplaces Build Their Corporate Culture

By Steven Dashiell Tue, Jul 11,2017 @ AM

Hiring is the bread and butter of creating a company that is able to fire on all cylinders. Talent is the foundation of an effective business, and you want the best talent available for the job. But where do you begin if you’re an upstart company just getting its feet off the ground? Or more importantly, how do you reach out to the talent you need if they’re already taken - the passive candidate base? The answer lies in building your corporate culture.

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RPOA Weekly: Using Culture to Capture Top Talent

By Steven Dashiell Tue, May 30,2017 @ AM

From job descriptions that ramble and bore, to referral programs that land top talent but are often ignored, there are always places for businesses and hiring agencies to improve their recruitment process. In this week's #RPOAweekly, we look at the hot topics that made the rounds here at RPOA these last few weeks.  

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RPOA Weekly: Ways to Sculpt Your Company Culture

Company culture is displayed in many ways, such as the opportunities afforded to employees, a fun and breezy atmosphere, or the level of independence given to an individual working on a project. However, not all believe employee happiness leads to the most effective business results. In this week’s #RPOAWeekly, we look at some of the decisions that must be made when formulating a company culture.

Learn more about creating company culture by joining us for Hueman’s June 7 webinar “Culture Fit Disrupted.” Hueman CEO Dwight Cooper and Vice President of Marketing Sarah Palmer will explain what HR means by company culture and how to hire for it, netting you a larger bottom line.

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RPOA Weekly: Keeping Your Company Culturally Fit

By Carrie Kolar Tue, Mar 21,2017 @ AM

Your company culture determines the quality of your employee engagement, your client relationships, even your recruiting success – so why has it been ignored for so long? Thankfully, the company culture is coming into its own, with increased attention from HR and leadership alike focused on ways to improve their culture and the attendant benefits. This week’s RPOA Weekly focuses on identifying and improving your company culture, with articles on improving your culture with RPO, current culture trends, how your culture can keep pace with your growth.

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Corporate Culture: Is it possible to outsource?

By Carrie Kolar Fri, Feb 24,2017 @ AM

The body of evidence is growing that companies with a strong culture consistently outperform those without it. According to a Columbia University study, the likelihood of job turnover at an organization with high company culture is a mere 13.9 percent, whereas the probability of job turnover in low company cultures is 48.4 percent. The Department of Economics at the University of Warwick found that happy workers are 12 percent more productive than the average worker, and unhappy workers are 10 percent less productive. 

Culture was once an amorphous term in the business world, and according to Ryan Baca, Vice President of About Talent, a Denver, Co. based talent management company, “it was considered pretty soft and fluffy.” However, academic and industry leaders “are getting a clear understanding of how positive corporate culture really contributes to bottom line results through employee engagement,” says Baca, “there’s a thread that connects corporate culture to employee engagement, to productivity, to customer satisfaction.” In their post, "Statistical case for company culture [infographic]", Growth everywhere makes the compelling case for corporate culture and the "link between employee happiness, productivity, and profit".  

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The Costs and Benefits of Workplace Culture

By Carrie Kolar Tue, Feb 09,2016 @ AM

Workplace culture is a combination of many factors that can determine the success of your business, your recruiting, and your retention. A strong workplace culture brings with a host of benefits; a weak or negative workplace culture can bring sky-high costs. In this RPOA Weekly, we examine the costs and benefits of workplace culture.

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The Value of Connecting with the Talent Community Early

By Carrie Kolar Tue, Sep 22,2015 @ AM

For any open position, there is a community of talent who can fill it. It is the job of recruiters and staffers to find, connect with, and bring in that talent to fill open positions. In this blog post, we discuss the value of connecting with the talent community early, before you start trying to tap it to fill open positions. The post is based on a recent webcast by marketing and recruiting expert Joel Capperella, in which he discussed connecting with the talent community alongside Jason Heilman, co-founder of Herefish. Herefish is a company that assist staffers, recruiters, and other companies with maintaining connections with prior candidates as a way to cultivate a community of talent that is available to recruiters and staffers when they need new hires.

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Company Culture and Effects on Recruitment

By Carrie Kolar Tue, Mar 10,2015 @ AM

Company culture has become a popular buzzword, but its effects on recruitment, retention, and team-building are both real and important. Culture can make or break a hire, encourage engagement and productivity, or drive away top performers. This week’s RPOA News Roundup recognizes the importance of culture in the hiring and recruiting process, suggests ways to intentionally develop and market company culture, and suggests ways to integrate employees into the culture to ensure success.  

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