RPOA Weekly: Best Ten RPO Posts of 2016

by Carrie Kolar

Delivering on our mission to educate the market about recruitment process outsourcing, the RPO Post, RPOA's official blog, is one of the most popular programs we’re proud to bring to the PRO community. With topics including recruitment process outsourcing, talent acquisition and business strategy, the economy and job market, recruiting tactics and best practices, the RPO Post introduced over 90 articles this year (47.5% increase from last year), and enjoyed readership of near 10,000 a month (24% increase), and over 150 email subscribers (188% increase). We’ve also introduced new series within the RPO Post, such as the RPOA Weekly, #AskAnRPOExpert, and a few original articles by guest authors.


In a recent survey conducted by the RPOA, respondents indicated they reviewed RPOA content on regular basis and consider the RPOA their go-to resource for learning about recruitment process outsourcing. As we move forward into the new year, we promise to continue delivering the quality content and educational programs you expect from the RPOA. For this week, we invite you to enjoy this recap of some of our best original content from this year.   

RPO Implementation - Understanding the process

Implementation is essential to the success of an RPO engagement, and the point where many engagements start to falter. Explore the most important aspects of RPO implementation, including the implementation timeline, the key stakeholder analysis, the change management plan, the ATS review, discovery and process mapping, training, and close.

Four Steps to Starting a Successful RPO Engagement

Learn about the four essential steps to starting a successful RPO engagement, including preparing by taking stock of where your organization is before the engagement, finding an RPO provider that matches your needs and values, defining and communicating your mission, and selecting appropriate metrics to measure RPO success.

The Missing Link: How Veteran Recruiting Can Solve the Job Mismatch

Learn about the subject of the job mismatch – the difference between the number of open positions and the number of people currently unemployed – and find out why hiring veterans is a potential solution. Discover the current state of the job market and the six steps that companies can take to build their veteran recruiting programs.

The Alignment Between Business Strategy And HR - And The Role of RPO in This Paradigm

Explore the importance of HR to organization business strategy, and identify 4 key business drivers in HR’s purview and how RPO engagements affect their success.

My Biggest Mistake as a Hiring Manager

Review the experience of a guest expert in trying to build an in-house recruiting function for a division of a large corporation, and find out why he concluded that as specialized in-house recruiting did not work, RPO is the way to go.

Analytics for Measuring RPO Success

Find out how to tell if your RPO engagement is a success with four essential metrics that describe the speed and effectiveness of the RPO solution: hiring manager satisfaction, cost, days to present, and days to accept.

8 Red Flags to Watch for When Vetting RPO Companies

Understand the eight red flags to watch for when vetting and selecting RPO companies, including all RPO claiming to provide the same services, companies claiming to dedicate 100% of their time to your project, companies claiming that they do it all, and more.

What the heck is content recruiting?

Learn about content recruiting as a new recruiting and employer brand strategy. Discover what content recruiting means and how to use content to build long-term interest in your employer brand and how content recruiting represents an overall shift in the recruiting paradigm.

What Should I Pay for Recruitment Process Outsourcing Services?

Discover the different pricing models for different RPO services, and how pricing is highly customized to the needs of the client and the RPO engagement. 

Employment Brand in the Social Media Age

Learn about the impact that social media can have on your employment brand – the reputation that makes people want to work for you or not. Understand the importance of time, authenticity and commitment to make the most of the social media opportunities for your employment brand.

guide to understanding recruitment process outsourcing 

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