Industry Experience, Consulting RPO, and Other RPO News Stories

by Allison Reilly

hiring internally RPO newsAdvice is free, but it costs much more to use it. This week's RPO news story roundup is full of advice on how to find a job, on how to find a candidate, and how to view your recruiting process and outsourcing. Need some good advice, or would like to contribute some knowledge of your own, then perhaps the articles below can help.

RPO Without the R Leaves Clients PO'd - Novotus Blog - Are recruitment process outsourcing, and outsourcing your recruiting, the same thing? This article argues that it's not, as the perception is that outsourcing your recruiting means less recruiting. With RPO, or "recruitment solutions outsourcing", there's still a lot of value in research and old-fashioned legwork when it comes to finding good candidates.

Types of RPO Engagements: Consulting RPO (Part 4 of 5) - The RPO Hub - Sometimes, the only recruiting help you need is a little knowledge and advice. You already have a recruiting process in place, and you don't want to outsource that process completely. You just want some information on how to improve it, or on which applicant tracking system to use. This is where consulting RPO comes in. It's an RPO solution that's great for any client, but it is particularly good for those going through a merger or acquisition, or perhaps a larger company that needs help making a decision regarding its resources.

"Industry Experience Required" is a Mindset We Need to Get Out Of - TLNT - Industry experience is excellent, yes, but it shouldn't be used as a way to screen talent or to determine whether or not someone can be successful in the position. There simply isn't a correlation. All this requirement says about your organization is that you don't really understand talent, and that you aren't open to the new ideas that could come from someone who's worked in a different industry. To find talent, you need to think about skill sets and what's been accomplished, instead of just where those accomplishments were made.

Apps that Identify In-House Experts - Wall Street Journal - If you're a small company, then it's not too difficult to find these experts or to know who might be a fit for an internal opening. However, organizations with hundreds or thousands of employees don't have it as easy. Which is why apps such as these are so useful. They can be used to search company databases, as well as blogs and message boards, to find people who have certain skill sets and expertise. They are a great option in case company databases are outdated, or if your contact list isn't enough to complete the team or to refer a few people.

Want to Find a New, Exciting Job? Take a Lesson from the Music Industry - The Huffington Post - This is a great article from Joel Capparella, vice president of marketing at Yoh (an RPOA member), about what job seekers need to do to find that awesome open position. With over 3.7 million open jobs right now, there's plenty of choice for the qualified job hunter. But, it's much more than bouncing around on the job boards. It's about leveraging yourself and your communities to showcase knowledge and to build relationships.

Recruiting changes as technology and society changes, and advice needs to be taken along with these changes. One of those major recent changes in recruiting is social media. Do you have a social media recruiting strategy? Are you using Facebook, Twitter, and blogging effectively when it comes to attracting candidates. Learn more this hour-long webinar with Joel Capparella from Yoh. In this webinar you will learn:

  • Critical factors when considering social media
  • How to set the appropriate foundation
  • Execution Framework
  • Tool Consideration

Download the slides and video below to get started on your social recruiting strategy.

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