Recruiting Costs, Recruiting Tools and Other Top RPO News

by Allison Reilly

RPO Happy Halloween!Happy Halloween! Fortunately, we don't have anything "spooky" to report in recruitment process outsourcing this week, but things don't have to get spooky in the coming weeks either. This week's roundup covers recruiting tools and methods to help companies find great candidates through social media, to calculate their recruiting costs, to stop of bad hires, and to start keeping great employees. No tricks here! This week's hiring and recruiting news roundup is a real treat.

The Future of Recruiting Tools - Fistful of Talent - Putting your resume on the web is kind of a thing of the past. Having a LinkedIn profile is still current, but not everyone has one. How do you reach those that don't have either? With the recruiting tools of the future, of course, which is primarily based on search methods to go where these people are while also finding out to whom they are connected. These recruiting tools of the future are about finding those that aren't opting into current tools, those that might not even be looking for a job but might take a new one if it's better than their current position.

How to Calculate Your Recruiting Costs - The RPO Hub - Do you know which of your recruiters are the most efficient? Do you know how to use industry trends to plan your recruiting for the next year or to make good hiring decisions? Not knowing either of those things can hurt the company's bottom line, and this article outlines how to make those two calculations and considerations. Throwing money at a problem won't necessarily solve it, but that doesn't always mean that money can't be part of the solution.

Five Social Media Recruiting Tips for Better Hires - The Staffing Stream - Social media recruiting is a necessary part of any hiring strategy because it reaches communities and it reaches passive candidates. One of the best tips from this article is the use of hashtags and keywords. Those two things are essential to the social media ecosystem, and they are two things that job seekers use to find jobs, so it's critical for organizations to consider hashtags and keywords as great branding and promotion opportunities.

Prevent Turnover and Retain Your Best Employees - The Seamless Workforce - There are many ways to prevent turnover and retain the best, and this article offers several great tips on how to do this. As a whole, it's about offering the best to your employees, whether you do that with an awesome company culture or with great benefits and better career direction. Retention can cost a lot of money, but turnover can cost much more, up to 150% of a yearly salary.

Get Rid of Your Bad Hires Quickly With a 'No-Fault' Divorce Process - - As many as 46 percent of new hires fail within 18 months! Half of the hiring organizations, or the new hires themselves, regret the decisions they made. So, it's not always the organization's or the new hire's fault. But, it is the organization's fault if you don't let these bad apples go and don't take steps to stop these bad apples from getting into the company in the first place. This articles shows you why it's so hurtful to keep these bad apples and a few great ways to let them go gently.

The New Do's and Don'ts of Recruitment: Lessons from the 2013 Opportunities in Staffing Study - The Hiring Site -  Staffing firms are a big part of RPO, and unfortunately, there are still a few misconceptions surrounding staffing firms. One in 10 candidates think staffing firms charge them for placing them. A new part of recruitment is the employment brand, and this applies to staffing firms who are capable of placing great candidates in full-time positions. It's your job to educate the market and to erase these myths.

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