RPO In Healthcare, and Other Recruiting News for the Week

by Allison Reilly

RPO newsSome weeks, we have a little trouble finding great hiring and recruiting news to share. However, this week isn't one of them, as we had more than enough awesome news articles to share with you! We couldn't even fit them all here! This week, there's everything from recruiting myths to college recruiting, from the employment brand to RPO in the health care industry. There's something for everyone.

Recruiting and Social Networking - China Gorman - We've previously discussed social recruiting on the blog, but this article highlights some startling and fascinating statistics about social media recruiting. They include: 

  • About two-thirds of employers never have used or no longer plan to use social networking sites (69%) or online search engines (65%) to screen applicants.
  • Employers that have policies on screening candidates are evenly split (21% each) in allowing or prohibiting the use of social networking sites for screening purposes.

RPO in Health care - Staffing Stream - The health care industry is a growing market for recruitment process outsourcing, as 28 percent of health care buyers currently use RPO, with another 24 percent seriously considering doing so. Hospitals and clinics need help more than ever in keeping overhead low and maintaining compliance while learning the latest technology, filling open positions, and keeping up with new health care laws. The health care industry presents a huge opportunity for RPO providers.

How Long Does it Take to Get One Year of Experience? - Lou Adler - The answer: Whoever can get it in the shortest amount of time. This article makes the point that skills and experience are only half the story, because the highest achievers won't necessarily have the skills and experience you want for the position. Instead, high achievers have, well, achieved the most with the skills they have in the time that they have. If you want to attract the highest achievers to your position, highlight the work that needs to be done, not the skills needed to do it.

Fundamentals in College Recruiting Phase II: Candidate Selection - The Seamless Workforce - The top two recruiting concerns among organizations are the lack of efficiency in the recruiting process and the students’ level of interest in the company. This article says that there's one solution to address both concerns: a structured hiring methodology. Fortunately, the article provides a great outline of what a structured hiring methodology looks like and why each of these steps are important.

The Real Story Behind Six of Today's Biggest Recruiting Myths - The Hiring Site - Readers of this blog are ahead of the curve here, as some of today's biggest recruiting myths include a no need for mobile recruiting, no value in social media recruiting, and no critical need for an employment brand. Learn why your organization needs all three of those things, as well as many other widely held recruiting myths and what top employers are doing to achieve great hiring results.

Employer Branding Viking Style: Who We Are and the Stories We Tell - Fistful of Talent - As stated, the employment brand is a critical thing to have. It's no longer a luxury that's nice to have. This article offers several great questions to ask when putting together your employment brand, and how to do that in the mindset of the Vikings, who do spend their fair share of time enjoying their successes. That's a hint, in case you didn't catch it.

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