Recruiting Strategy, Employee Engagement, and Other RPO News Stories

by Allison Reilly

recruiting strategy RPO newsIt's those gaps that organizations and recruiters have to worry about; those same gaps that are always discussed and continue making the news. Filling positions, employee engagement, getting the right hire - so many of us don't seem to have it nailed down. Perhaps this week's roundup of RPO news stories may help in getting us in the right direction.

America's Got Talent: One in Three Employers Struggling to Fill Jobs - The Hiring Site - What's interesting about these survey results isn't that 35% of employers have been struggling to fill a position for 12 weeks or more. What's interesting is that it seems that nearly every sector is poised for growth, which means it's poised to have trouble finding qualified candidates. These growing sectors include sales, marketing, engineering, truck drivers, nursing, IT, accounting, mechanics i.e. just about everything. Employers say these positions are tough to fill because candidates lack the specialized skills they need.

The ROI of RPO - The RPO Hub - With a position open for 12 weeks or longer, imagine how many candidates were considered during that time, and how many interviews were conducted without making an offer or securing a good candidate. This is a lot of time, money, and energy wasted, and recruitment process outsourcing can help alleviate these woes. RPO won't exactly do it all for you, but it might help in figuring what you can do better to make great hiring and great candidates a habit for your organization.

Shooting Ourselves in the Foot isn't an Effective Engagement Strategy - China Gorman - As one-third of employers struggle to fill open job positions, this article suggests that placing college graduates into positions they are overqualified for doesn't help either. The data shows that those with higher education are the least engaged employees, and the author thinks that this underemployment might be a cause. Since those with a high school diploma, or less, are actually the most engaged employees, it might be best to hire those people for the positions for which they are exactly qualified.

Employee Surveys Can Help Keep You at Your Best - The Seamless Workforce - Want to know what you employees want, need, or think about working at your organization? Then why don't you ask them? Surveys can be used to gauge employee satisfaction, to alert you of changes in company morale, to evaluate the effectiveness of human resources and management, among other things.

Why Aren't Job Applicants Given Decent Feedback? - TLNT - Providing individualized feedback isn't easy, or something that can be done quickly. However, it can be argued that not giving feedback to those who weren't offered the position, or even given an interview, does more harm than good. Feedback, for example, could do a better job of retaining strong candidates while weeding out the weak ones. Tell the weak ones that they really just aren't qualified for anything, while giving the strong ones hope that the next open position could be for them. After all, applicants do spend a lot of time and energy getting that application in. Don't they deserve at least a little courtesy?

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