Social Recruiting, Branding, Staffing & Other RPO News

by Allison Reilly

social media recruiting newsSocial media is the next frontier in recruiting, and using socia media is much more than finding great candidates. It's also another avenue for employment branding and staffing management. Although social media recruiting dominates this week's RPO news roundups, it's not the only thing happenings. Below are this week's most important hiring and recruiting news:

Job Seekers Recruited via Social More Likely to Be Hired - Mashable - Not only are companies spending more on social media recruiting, but the practice also improves candidates quality and time of hire as well. Especially when you think of a Facebook page or a Twitter profile as an extension of your company's career page and employment brand, you'll also see the same benefits as finding candidates through referrals. With social media recruiting, you're more likely to make hires and to have those hires stay with your company for three years or more.

Nearly 3 in 4 Candidates Will Accept Lower Salary for A Good Brand - The Hiring Site - The employment brand is so crucial to finding good candidates that a good brand can beat a higher salary offered by a competing position. If your employment brand, and your company brand, is unattractive, this survey found that it may costs your company 21% more to attract a great candidate. Invest the money in an awesome brand now, as you will save that money in the long run because it will be that much easier to attract a great candidate.

LinkedIn Endorsements: Why They’re Important and How To Use Them - HR Bartender - LinkedIn endorsements are a new feature where connections can vouch for you on your skills. You can "endorse" someone for public speaking, blogging, MATLAB, or any range of skills and expertise. This article is an excellent interview on how they can be used in their recruiting efforts, and what candidates can do to ensure that their endorsements reflect what they can do professionally.

Types of RPO Engagements: Emerging RPO Services - The RPO Hub - The recruitment process outsourcing industry is always looking for new ways to serve clients and to improve the recruiting process. Some of those new ways are outlined here, emerging RPO services that some providers offer. These new services include co-sourcing and on-demand RPO. Co-sourcing is when a client engages with two or more RPO providers, while on-demand RPO is as the name says. Clients are receiving services as they need it and it's something that they can get right when they ask. If the more mainstream RPO services don't fit your needs, then perhaps an emerging RPO service would be the best fit for you.

Should We Self Manage Our Own Staffing Program? - The Seamless Workforce - How are you managing your contingent labor? Are you doing everything yourself or are you outsourcing it to a company that offers managed staffing services? If you're doing it yourself, then this articles outlines criteria to determine if you really should keep everything in-house. These criteria include knowledge of who's staffing your organization, the robustness of your reporting, and whether or not you have consistent and accurate pay rate information across all positions.

Do you have a social media recruiting strategy? Are you using Facebook, Twitter, and blogging effectively when it comes to attracting candidates? Learn more this hour-long webinar with Joel Capparella from Yoh. In this webinar you will learn:

  • Critical factors when considering social media
  • How to set the appropriate foundation
  • Execution Framework
  • Tool Consideration

Download the slides and video below to get started on your social recruiting strategy.

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