Innovations in Hiring Interviews

By Carrie Kolar Tue, Mar 24,2015 @ AM

Technology, such as video interviewing, can streamline the sometimes arduous interview process, and there are many great resources for conducting and mastering the art of the interview. In this week’s News Roundup, we examine innovations in hiring interviews taking an in-depth look at video interviews, how they work for recruiters, and how to use them to your best advantage. We also introduce problems (and solutions) that plague the interview today, and the dos and don’ts for conducting interviews from a legal standpoint.

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Top Five Tips for Successful Video Interviewing

Video interviewing provides a valuable way for businesses to save time and money on the recruiting process. Hiring managers can speak to a wider geographic pool of applicants to find the best fit, while picking up on mannerisms and aspects of personal presentation that would be missed with the traditional phone interview. With free services like Skype available, it's not even necessary to purchase extensive teleconferencing systems to take part. For all of these reasons, video interviewing is becoming an increasingly standardized step in the hiring process. Yet it can present unique challenges for the interviewer, both from a technical and professional standpoint. Keep the following tips in mind to make your next video interview a success.

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1. Choose an appropriate environment.

When conducting a face-to-face interview, you most likely choose a quiet conference room or office and forward your phone calls for the duration of the interview. Use this same awareness for a video interview. Be sure to limit any background noises which could prove distracting, and be aware of your background. Use the same lighting principles that you would learn in professional photography courses. If there's a window in the office, try closing the shade to prevent a backlighting effect. Set the camera at an angle to show you from the waist up, but dress appropriately and get rid of background distractions from head to toe.

2. Prepare your candidate for the interview.

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