RPOA Weekly: Recruiting Strategies for Navigating Today’s Job Market

by Carrie Kolar

Recently we’ve been covering the state of the job market from the perspective of the recruitment process outsourcing (RPO) community. In this week’s RPOA Weekly, we shift our focus to recruiting strategies that are best suited for performing in this environment. Here is a roundup of top articles on recruiting strategies for navigating today’s job market.


How Rejecting a Job Candidate Defines Your Recruitment Strategy – SHRM - @SHRM

Informing a candidate that they didn’t get the position is never a fun experience. How you go about it, however, is a crucial piece of your recruitment strategy. This article discusses the importance of treating rejected candidates with respect, and trying to end every candidate interaction on a high note, even when you’re delivering bad news. It emphasizes how quickly news travels among candidates, through social media and other avenues, and a bad rejection – or worse, no news at all – can speedily make the rounds of potential applicants, damaging your brand and recruiting potential. It suggests ways to personalize rejections and lighten the blow, and concludeds with suggestions on how to deal with irate rejected candidates.

Why Social Responsibility is the New Millennial Recruiting Strategy – Yoh - @Yoh_Corporate

Millennials don’t just chase money – they care about causes, too. This article shines a light on how companies can use social responsibility practices and goals to recruit younger employees. It discusses how millennials in particular are interested in working for companies that serve more than just their bottom line, and cautions that when you’re using social responsibility as a recruiting tactic, you need to walk your talk. It concludes with a recommendation to make the workplace a community focused on the wellbeing of its employees, and suggests that companies interested in hiring millennials update their recruiting practices, replacing rote form-filling with a personalized, inventive hiring process.

Why A Candidate Persona Should Be Part of Your Recruiting Strategy – Newton Talent - @NewtonTalent

How do you connect with potential candidates? What attracts a candidate to your company and offer? This article introduces the idea of a candidate persona as a strategy for getting inside your perfect hire’s head, understanding what makes them tick, and then crafting a sourcing and hiring strategy designed to appeal directly to that perfect hire. It lists the steps you need to take to create candidate personas, and recommends ways that you can use them, including in new marketing approaches, thought leadership, and engagement strategies.

Personify on HR Strategy in a Tight Job Market – RPOA - @RPOAssociation

The job market is tight for employers, with high competition for the best talent slowing down how quickly companies can fill open positions. This article, an interview with Ryan Carfley and Allan Wooten of Personify, discusses what this means for talent acquisition and what steps companies and recruiters need to take to stay on top of the situation. It recommends that employers take a longer view of talent acquisition rather than a “do it when you need it” approach, and covers how technology has changed the game in recruiting by giving employers and candidates unprecedented access to each other, both for good and ill. Finally, it discusses how RPO can help companies through the difficult labor market and still come out with a strong recruiting system and great employees.

It’s Time for HR To Finally Get Serious About Becoming Strategic – TLNT - @TLNT_com

We’ve talked a lot about the business side of HR, but now it’s time to actually do something about it. This article is a call to action for HR professionals everywhere to wake up, stand up and take on the leadership roles that they’ve been discussing for so long. It predicts dire consequences for the HR profession as a whole if HR professionals don’t change their focus and efforts to long-term strategic plans instead of administrative tasks, and encourages them to show, not tell, their CEOs exactly how much value they bring to their organizations.

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