Glassdoor Survey Warns of High Employee Turnover, Job Hopping in 2018

By Steven Dashiell Thu, Feb 08,2018 @ AM

Keep an eye on your best employees this year – they might just be eyeing up their next opportunity. According to a recent Glassdoor survey, nearly 35 percent of hiring decision makers expect more employees to quit over the span of 2018 than they did in 2017.

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2018 Employment Laws You Should Know About

By Steven Dashiell Thu, Feb 01,2018 @ AM

Employment legislation can lead to sweeping changes in the way organizations approach recruiting, and to remain successful, employers must stay abreast of any new laws and regulations that will affect their hiring. Not only are the economy and technology changing the way HR leaders make their hiring decisions, but 2017 saw several shifts and trends in employment legislation that will resonate through 2018.

We’ve asked seasoned employment lawyers to offer some insight on what sort of employment policies and legislation HR leaders will want to keep an eye on as we move into 2018. Here are four key issues they highlighted.

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Making the Case for RPO to Top Executives

By Steven Dashiell Tue, Jan 09,2018 @ AM

Recruitment process outsourcing provides a strategic solution to talent acquisition challenges for different size organizations. However, top executives might not easily see the value. As Mike Palmer and Mike Tastle of Accolo explained in Why Smaller Businesses Should Outsource Their Recruiting: RPO can solve hiring fluctuations, reduce time-to-fill, improve candidate and hiring manager experiences, and provide an effective hiring process, among other benefits.

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Should I Be Scared of Recruiting AI?

By Steven Dashiell Wed, Jan 03,2018 @ AM

With the substantial number of technological advancements arriving in the recruiting space, there’s a growing worry that technology and AI will replace recruiters wholesale. Certainly, there is some truth to the notion. Technology often finds a way to replace the rote activities humans don’t care to perform (such as the auto industry or manufacturing). But should recruiters be scared for their jobs?

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What does Google New Recruiting Tools Mean for Talent Acquisition Professionals?

By Steven Dashiell Mon, Dec 18,2017 @ AM

Technology has drastically changed talent acquisition over the past two decades and more changes are expected in the near future. “In the next 24 months, maybe sooner, the hiring and recruiting landscape is going to meet very meaningful thresholds,” said John Younger, CEO of HireMojo, a hiring automation platform in San Francisco, CA. What’s the impact of recruiting technology on talent acquisition professionals? The evolution in recruiting technology “is going to hit home, specifically for recruiters... recruiting firms will push harder for more tools to meet demands and stay competitive,” commented Younger.

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Employee Referral Program: Tips to Drive Top Talent

By Steven Dashiell Thu, Sep 28,2017 @ AM

More than any other talent acquisition strategy, employee referral programs are one of the largest drivers of top talent in business. In spite of this fact, many businesses allow their program to languish untouched for months or longer after it has been implemented. Other businesses have the systems in place, but don’t take full advantage of the possibilities of the networking potential of such a program.


Employee Engagement: The Key to Effective Business Culture

By Steven Dashiell Mon, Sep 18,2017 @ AM

Building a strong culture for your business is an important part of creating a profitable company full of top talent. As you grow that culture, you want to make sure you also tend to the crucial element that makes your culture possible: your employees.

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Making the Business Case for Hiring Top Performers

By Steven Dashiell Tue, Sep 12,2017 @ AM

Given the amount of forethought, research, and manpower required to reliably bring top talent to your company, how do you make the case to leadership to start dedicating the resources necessary to take on that talent?

Sometimes it comes down to the numbers.

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Understanding Learning Agility: The Number One Predictor of Leadership

By Steven Dashiell Thu, Sep 07,2017 @ AM

In our recent series on leadership and talent, we discussed the idea that there are six traits common amongst effective leaders: cognitive ability, drive and ambition, competence, personality, emotional intelligence, and learning agility. Though none of these individual traits are necessarily valued one over the other, there is one trait that stands as the strongest predictor of leadership: learning agility.

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Look for These Six Qualities When Assigning Your Next Leader

By Steven Dashiell Thu, Sep 07,2017 @ AM

Do you know who among your staff is prime leadership material? Perhaps there is an individual who always volunteers for additional items beyond their expected work load, or can just as easily work with members outside of their own team as they can with their own. These are laudable qualities, but will promoting such a person result in a great leader?

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