Best Options for Mobile Recruiting

By Carrie Kolar Thu, Apr 21,2016 @ AM

Candidates today live their lives on their phones, particularly younger or millennial candidates and job seekers. Given that the talent community already uses their phones for everything from dating to web surfing to finding out driving conditions, it makes sense to meet them where they are – on their phones. In this article, based on the Recruitment Process Outsourcing Association webinar “Building Talent Communities with Content Recruiting” with speaker Joel Capperella of Joel Capperella, LLC, we take a look at the new face of recruiting technology and the best options for mobile recruiting.

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Perfect Candidates, Mobile Recruitment, and Other RPO News

By Allison Reilly Thu, May 15,2014 @ AM

"The most useful piece of learning for the uses of life is to unlearn what is untrue." - Antisthenes

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3 Amazing Tips For Your Mobile Recruitment Strategy

By Allison Reilly Tue, Apr 22,2014 @ AM

The number of people who own a smartphone has doubled between February 2010 and November 2012, with 76 percent of Americans saying that they own one. Granted, I am not among the 76 percent, but I am the minority as that percentage has only increased in the 18 months since our last presidential election. What does all this mean? It means that you better have a mobile recruiting strategy, or that your mobile recruiting strategy may need refinement since the last time you looked at it, or even created it. Here are three amazing tips to improve your mobile recruitment strategy:

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What is the Impact of Technology on Recruitment?

By Allison Reilly Tue, Dec 24,2013 @ AM

Technology isn't just something everyone is using to get work done and to stay connected. It's also impacting how employers recruit great talent and how great talent finds the right employer. Many recruiting trends for 2014 project that either new technology will impact recruiting, or that current technology recruiting trends are going to remain a big deal in the coming year. Below are our four biggest ways technology has impacted recruiting. The interesting thing about recruiting and technology is that it all works together. You can necessarily work with each of these in a silo.

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Mobile Recruiting, Hiring Trends, and Other RPO News Stories

By Allison Reilly Thu, Oct 17,2013 @ AM

What do big data, applicant tracking systems, and the candidate experience have in common? They are three of the biggest trends in recruitment process outsourcing. They aren't the only trends, and some hiring trends come and go before recruiters realized they missed an opportunity. Here are the latest RPO news stories covering the most important recruiting trends:

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Mobile Recruiting, Why Hiring Decisions Go Bad, Other RPO News

By Allison Reilly Thu, Aug 29,2013 @ AM

A good hiring decision is much more than providing that great offer to that qualified candidate, or filling a position that's been unfilled for months. It's also about knowing how to find them and how to nurture that talent as it's applied in your company. This week's RPO news roundup covers these issues, going over some of the trending ideas in engaging employees, engaging potential candidates, and making the most of the hiring resources you have.

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3 Important Changes to Make in Your Recruitment Process

Is your recruitment process as effective as you need it to be to compete for top candidates to run and grow your business? Are you losing good candidates that you want to hire? Do you know what to do to improve your recruitment process and get the results you want? Whether you do your recruiting in-house or use recruitment process outsourcing, three important things that will change and improve your recruiting results are social recruiting tools, candidate care, and mobile recruiting.

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Mobile Recruitment, Hiring Right, and Other RPO Stories

By Allison Reilly Thu, Aug 22,2013 @ AM

Most weeks, we have a theme to our RPO news roundup. There usually is a topic or two that our favorite blogs and news sites are discussing. However, this week didn't have a common topics. There were many interesting stories covering many different topics, such as mobile recruiting and handling a firing appropriately. Here's our roundup of this week's RPO news stories.

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What You Need to Know about Mobile Recruiting

By Allison Reilly Tue, Mar 05,2013 @ AM

Mobile recruiting isn’t the next big thing in 2014, or in 2020; it’s the big thing of today. Seven out of 10 job seekers use mobile technology to search for jobs, while three out of 10 have applied for a job via a mobile device. Are you doing anything to reach those job seekers, or are you possibly missing out on the great talent that wants to work with companies that are ahead of the curve? If you’re not doing anything yet, then here’s what you need to know so you can get started with mobile recruiting, or at least think strategically into how it will fit with your overall recruiting strategy:

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