Effective Methods to Increase Workplace Diversity

By Steven Dashiell Thu, Aug 17,2017 @ AM

Creating a more inclusive and diverse work culture provides a variety of positive benefits for your company, including a more collaborative work environment, a more attractive brand, a greater sense of belonging and engagement for those under your company umbrella.

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What is Workplace Diversity And Why Is it Important?

By Steven Dashiell Thu, Aug 10,2017 @ AM

Hiring diversity is a phrase many talent acquisition leaders may have heard within the last few years and that trend will likely grow in the years ahead. Even as the political climate in many parts of the world draws controversy from the very word, the concept of diversity will be one that talent leaders will do well to embrace sooner than later.

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Our Brain: Does it Help or Hinder When it Comes to Hiring?

By Steven Dashiell Thu, Aug 03,2017 @ AM

Our brains (one of the most complex and magnificent organs in the human body) have more to do with who we select for our next position – and why we select them – than we realize. The brain is a complex mechanism, one that directs and influences our actions even when we aren’t necessarily aware of that fact. This unaware influence on our decision-making processes is called implicit bias, explained Kim E. Ruyle, renowned speaker, published author, and president of Inventive Talent Consulting.

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Social Recruiting, Diversity Challenges and More RPO News

By Allison Reilly Tue, Aug 26,2014 @ AM

According to the 2014 Global Leadership Forecast, the number one leadership challenge for CEOs is human capital, followed by customer relations and innovation. To overcome the challenge of leadership and human capital, improving the effectiveness of management and improving leadership development program were cited as the top two strategies. This week's hiring and recruiting news roundup should help with both of those strategies, where development is possible and where management is currently ineffective. Both of these strategies may not necessarily require new staff and may instead simply need new ways to evaluate and to enhance each of your staff members individually.

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Company Culture, Training Employees, and Other RPO News

By Allison Reilly Thu, Aug 08,2013 @ AM

Finding and hiring a great candidate is an amazing feat! But, what happens once s/he starts that position? What is this person getting into and what will this person receive from the company, besides a paycheck and something to add to the resume? Below are the trends and discussions on company culture, employee training, and other RPO news.

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3 Challenges to Diversity Recruiting

Diversity recruiting is not just hiring more women. Diversity recruiting and programs focused on gender diversity are the most common, but diversity also means ethnicity, age, and race, as well as disability, nationality, sexual orientation, and veteran status. Diverse recruiting doesn’t just happen by itself. It is a requirement for success when competing in a global economy. A diverse workforce enables a company to manage growth, build a solid infrastructure, maintain revenues and profits, and compete in a diverse world marketplace. President and CEO of top companies like L’Oréal USA agree that diversity recruiting is essential to create the kind of workforce required to expand into emerging markets worldwide.

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