RPOA Weekly: Recruiting and AIs and Bots, Oh My

by Carrie Kolar

The impact of artificial intelligence (AI) on all aspects of our lives can be witnessed in autonomous cars, in online shopping, and even in recruiting practices. In this week’s RPOA Weekly we discuss how recruiting AIs, bots, and other technologies affect recruiting activities and the industry as a whole.


14 Skills to Save Recruiters from AI – ERE - @ERE_net

The AIs are coming, and with them the ability to automate many of the administrative tasks often assigned to a recruiter. While many see this as a reason to worry, this article tells recruiters not to sweat it – the recruiting AI won’t replace them entirely. The article argues that in fact, AIs will actually free up recruiters to be more creative and effective in their roles. It includes an infographic describing fourteen important recruiting skills that AIs won’t be able to replicate, including building trust, effectively listening, critical decision making and business acumen, among others.

Recruiting Bots Are Here to Stay – SHRM - @WeKnowNext

Have you ever been overwhelmed with the sheer volume of resumes to review, interviews to schedule, and applicants to respond to? This article suggests that the days of recruiter overwhelm may be numbered thanks to the rise of recruiting bots, artificial intelligence robots (“bot” is short for robot) that can have conversations with candidates, update them on the status of their applications, and much more. It includes descriptions of some existing recruiting bots and bot-developers, and shows how the addition of the bots to the recruiting team can have a positive effect on recruiter overwhelm and the employer brand.

RPO Experts Talk Technology and Its Influence on Recruiting – RPOA - @RPOAssociation

Technology hasn’t just changed the recruiting playing field, it’s rewritten the entire game. In this article, two recruiting executives share their insights into the changes that technology has wrought and the future of technology in recruiting. Some of the topics include how technology has impacted recruiting over the past five years, how the changes have affected businesses at a strategic level, and human resources challenges that can be improved or ameliorated with technology.

The Recruiting Times They Are A-Changing (How to Stop Worrying and Love AI) – ERE - @ERE_net

With the advent of recruiting AI comes the concern that recruiters will be wholesale replaced with computers. Fear not, says this article – your job isn’t about to be outsourced to the cloud. The article discusses the limitations and possibilities inherent in the new recruiting AIs, specifically regarding the three “S’s” of recruiting – sourcing, screening, and selection. It predicts how technology will be used to supplement, not replace, the abilities of human recruiters, and concludes by suggesting that in the future AIs can be used to monitor whether recruiting activities are compliant.

How Artificial Intelligence is Changing Talent Acquisition – TLNT - @TLNT_com

Apple’s Siri, Google’s Alexa, Jarvis from Iron Man – artificial intelligence is moving from the science fiction to real life, and one of the ways it’s making itself felt is in the world of recruiting. This article dives into the trends that sparked interest in AIs, and suggests three possible applications for AIs in recruiting, including candidate sourcing, candidate screening, and candidate matching. It concludes by predicting that as the low-skill, time-consuming tasks of recruiting become automated, recruiters will move into a more strategic role.

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