RPO Expert Matt Baker Talks Healthcare Recruiting Benefits

by Lamees Abourahma

According to the Occupational Outlook Handbook published by the Bureau of Labour Stats in December of 2016, the top 3 (and 6 out of top 20) most new jobs are heathcare jobs. With the increased demand of heathcare jobs, health care service providers will have increased challenge of finding qualified candidates, and will need more aggressive and innovative recruiting solutions to meet demands.

In this edition of our #AskAnRPOExpert series, the Recruitment Process Outsourcing Association talks with Matt Baker, President and CEO of KNK Recruiting about healthcare RPO as a viable solution for healthcare recruiting needs.


What is health care RPO and how long has it been around?

Health care RPO is outsourcing all or certain areas of recruiting. Most hospitals or health care organizations will use an RPO provider to handle sourcing and screening of “high volume” or “hard to fill” openings. The RPO provider can also be used to improve employment branding, assessment of healthcare talent, landing/retaining talent, and measuring, analyzing, and reporting recruitment metrics on your organization’s behalf and will serve as an extension of your company.

The goal of a Health Care RPO provider is to improve their client’s recruitment processes.  An RPO provider can provide its own or may assume the company’s staff, technology, methodologies and reporting. Health care RPO services are fairly new and have only been around for the past 5-6 years.

Generally speaking, who are the top health care RPO clients?  

Top health care RPO clients are companies that have immediate needs for high volume of openings or hard to fill talent with an overstaffed or inexperienced recruiting team.

What are some of the common challenges they face and why should health care services consider RPO?

The world of recruiting is continuing to change and evolve. How you handled recruiting 5 years ago isn’t going to generate the same results today. RPO providers are recruiting experts. Outsourcing recruiting is a great way to enhance your organization’s recruiting engine if you have a small or large recruitment department. You can outsource recruiting to gain new ideas, resources, and strategies that might be limited by your current recruiting efforts.

How has the health care recruiting environment changed over the past few years? Can you speak to any new trends you've seen in the industry?

With the changes of the Affordable Care Act and the increased growth of our aging population, the demand for health care talent has risen amongst several health care organizations. The recruitment environment has changed because job candidates have access to insights about organizations with LinkedIn, Glassdoor, and other social media sites. Health care candidates can be selective now on where they go for employment opportunities. Having an effective recruiting strategy to be prepared in advance to attract high volume or hard to fill openings is a top priority for several health care companies. Employment Branding and Targeted Email Candidate Content Campaigns are essential to attracting and landing top health care talent over competition.

About KNK Recruiting

Established in 2014, KNK Recruiting offers Hospital & Healthcare Recruitment Process Outsourcing "RPO" services with our Talent Acquisition Consultants. We ensure that value added RPO services are being offered, tracked, and measured to deliver state-of-the-art solutions in the following areas:

  • Analyzing current recruiting initiatives and suggesting improvements
  • Attracting top talent to right job opportunities
  • Assessing talent matches for candidates and employers
  • Landing talent over competition
  • Engaging and retaining talent to increase workforce productivity
  • Survey candidates, new hires, and employers to ensure mutual satisfaction levels are obtained

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