2014 Hiring Trends, Hiring Toughness, and Other RPO News

by Allison Reilly

2014 RPO news trendsThe first full week of 2014 is wrapping up, and hopefully you've been able to keep warm and to stay safe through the winter weather. This week's hiring and recruiting news roundup is about what to expect for RPO and recruiting, as well as how to strategize your own recruiting process around these predicted trends.

U.S Job Forecast and Hiring Trends to Watch in 2014 - The Hiring Site - The forecast in five words: proceed slowly and with caution. The latest Careerbuilder survey says that only about 1 in 4 employers are expecting to hire full-time employees this year, a few percentage points down from 2013. Another 1 in 4 said they will hiring at a slower rate, or not hiring at all, until Congress resolved the debt ceiling issue in the first quarter. The worst part of the forecast and 2014 hiring trends: the skills gap is worsening. Nearly half of open positions will remain open for at least three months.

What You Need to Know about RPO in 2014 - The RPO Hub - Proceeding slowly and with caution may be good words of advice, but you don't have to follow them alone. Consider an RPO provider to help you hire with caution in a way that doesn't mean dragging your feet and wasting resources. The biggest thing that potential buyers need to know about RPO is that customized solutions are becoming more popular as more current buyers question the value of a big box, end-to-end solution. Since buyers are coming into the process knowing more about what they need and what they want out of a provider, providers are willing to do more to meet those needs and to give buyers the value they deserve.

DICE Tech Hiring Survey - Dice.com - If there's one bright spot in the hiring and recruiting forecast, then that's tech. About 75% of companies expect more tech hiring, versus the numbers cited earlier. The tech sector is also going to get more competitive, with more companies reporting tech hires leaving because of pay and having a hard time filling positions because of the salary requirement. This is one area where proceeding cautiously may not be the best, as the survey found that just over 40% of employers had trouble retaining and hiring people because of aggressive counteroffers from competitors.

Predictive Analytics in HR: Retaining Employees - Method3 - When it comes to retaining employees, it needs to be more than salary. Although it helps, as shown in the previous example with tech jobs, there are two other trends that need to be analyzed to ensure that your employees are doing challenging and meaningful work. Those two trends are industry trends and employee trends. Industry trends are rather obvious, but employee trends means understanding the people that work for your organization. It means knowing the big picture and how it relates to your project managers, call center, marketing team etc.

Part of doing well in 2014 is having healthy relationships, and this include your RPO relationship. Finding a right fit is always a great start, as your business is made on right fits. Howeve, a leader can’t assume that character alone will carry strong results forever. Through understanding how you can manage, support and maintain a strong relationship with your RPO provider or client, a leader will always be guaranteed the best results.

In this upcoming webinar, you will:

1. Understand what activities are taken to create a strong and successful relationship. 
2. Learn and take away systems to implement the activities. 
3. Practice the communication skills necessary for success. 
Register below for the Jan 22 webinar:
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