Hiring Strategy, Employment Brand, and Other Recruiting News

by Allison Reilly

hiring strategy newsSummer is high time recruitment, as the market is flooded with the newly graduated hunting for their first big job. Hiring them, or anyone for that matter, means having a hiring strategy and an employment brand that's on top of it. Here's this week's roundup of hiring and recruiting news, primarily covering hiring strategy and the employment brand (although not necessarily both in the same article).

Best Hiring Practice: KISS Your ATS - The Seamless Workforce - Keeping it simple. It's so, well, simple but it's not easy to implement. When it comes to your applicant tracking system, you maximize it's productivity by keeping it simple. It's there to organize your candidate pipeline, and getting the most out of this pipeline is remembering what you've done before and who's come through before. For example, if you there's a certain type of position you need to fill regularly, or even an exact position you've filled in the past, then looking at those you passed up previously might lead to candidates who are a good fit now.

6 Tips for Managing Your Employment Brand - The RPO Hub - The employment brand, just like any other brand or any other aspect of your recruiting process, needs regular management and review. Once your employment brand slips, then it gets harder to position your company and to attract good candidates. Part of good managing includes figuring out what your current employees want and knowing the company culture that currently exists.

Cultural Fit in the Workplace: How Personality Affects Hiring and Teamwork - Ere.net - A cultural fit is defined as, “A fit is where there is congruence between the norms and values of the organization and those of the person.” We need to think about cultural fit when it comes to our hiring strategy, but it's also much more than finding someone who fits the organization. It's also about finding someone who will fit with the boss and his/her coworkers, who will fit with the position itself.

Employer Branding: From Push to Pull - Staffing.org - Also known as the recruiting brand, building an employment brand is a 'pull' activity. Although posting a job opening is a big part of recruiting, it's more of a 'push' activity where you're repeatedly placing messages. Building an employment brand involves more marketing and, well, branding than it does advertising. It's now about breaking through the clutter and the noise on the Internet to have your job postings, and your overall recruiting message, stand out.

Staying Competitive: Five Must-Ask Questions in Your Recruiting Strategy - The Hiring Site - Essentially, these five must-ask questions have to do with aligning your recruiting strategy with your business strategy. It's about targeting what you need to do to remain competitive in the recruiting landscape. Competitors are after the same talent and are trying to fill the same jobs. Sometimes, the demand for candidates greatly exceeds what's out there, so it might be a matter of adjusting what you are looking for to fill the position.

Google's Odd Interview Questions? They're "A Complete Waste of Time" - TLNT -  Speaking of questions, part of Google's employment brand was asking odd questions during their interviews. Questions such as, "How many cows are there in Canada?, were once prominent and looked upon with awe, but it turns out they don't really showcase anything about the candidate. This isn't always the case with these types of questions, as they can showcase something (depending on the position), but senior vice president of people operations Laszlo Bock says that behavioral questions showcase qualities that are much more valuable.

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