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Closing the Talent Gap, Recruiting Performance and More RPO News

By Allison Reilly Fri, Jun 27,2014 @ AM

Closing the talent gap, or the black hole in recruitment, is a matter of ensuring candidates have the right skills. However, closing the talent gap is also a matter of knowing what's necessary for each position and consider the possibility that you're losing great talent during your recruiting process. In this week's hiring and recruiting news roundup, we cover ideas on how to close the gap with education and how to evaluate your recruiting performance in the process.

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How to Measure Your Recruiting Performance (Part 1 of 2)

By Allison Reilly Wed, Jun 25,2014 @ AM
You can't improve what you can't measure, and your recruiting performance isn't any different. Without the right recruiting metrics, your organization won't have the information it needs to assess its recruiting process and make the necessary improvements. In the first of this two-part series, we're going to show you how to measure your recruiting performance, starting with defining your goals, metrics and infrastructure.

Defining Your Goals

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Candidates and Mobile Recruiting, What RPO Is and Other Hiring News

By Allison Reilly Thu, Jun 19,2014 @ AM

Summer is one of the busier times of the year for recruiters and hiring managers. There's an influx of young talent with college degrees looking for gainful employment. The summer months are also prime time for internships and temporary employment, where people can fulfill needs to handle additional customers or to try something new for a few months. The year is also halfway over, urging many company's to evaluate their progress toward hiring and recruiting goals. This week's hiring and recruiting news roundup features articles that are appropriate for the needs of the summer months: hiring the best talent, choosing who to hire, and how to improve your current recruiting process.

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Understanding What RPO Is and What RPO Isn't

By Allison Reilly Wed, Jun 18,2014 @ AM

Since recruitment process outsourcing (RPO) differs greatly from provider to provider, and from buyer to buyer, understanding what constitutes recruitment outsourcing and what doesn't can be a little difficult. An RPO provider may not offer a particular service, but that particular service could still be a valid RPO engagement. However, a company that calls itself an RPO provider may not be practicing true recruitment process outsourcing.

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Recruiting Costs, Employee Retention and Other RPO News

By Allison Reilly Thu, Jun 12,2014 @ AM

When companies hear the words "recruiting costs", one idea that comes to mind is "cost-per-hire." Cost-per-hire isn't the best metric to use to measure your recruiting costs, and it certainly shouldn't be the only metric. Employers also need to consider the costs of the staff and resources needed to keep the human resources department running. They also need to consider the costs of losing employees or of overworking employees. This week's RPO news roundup covers these topics so employers have a more comprehensive idea regarding the concept of "recruiting costs."

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How Much Does RPO Cost: Models and Comparisons

By Allison Reilly Wed, Jun 11,2014 @ AM

One of the most common questions, if not the most common question, is how much does an RPO solution cost. It's a fair question, since many potential RPO buyers want a solution that is cheaper than their current in-house recruiting costs, or are looking for a solution that will reduce in-house costs. But the short answer is that it depends. There isn't a flat industry-based fee for specific RPO services, and there isn't a price range for small businesses or large enterprises. How much an RPO solution costs will depend on your company's specific needs and goals as well as your RPO provider.

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Employee Engagement, RPO Failure, and Other Recruiting News

By Allison Reilly Fri, May 30,2014 @ PM

Companies with engaged employees outperform those without engaged employees by more than 200 percent! The three biggest reasons why employees aren't engaged include a lack of belief in senior leadership, a lack of pride in their employer and a dissatisfaction with their direct manager. Improving employee engagement will require improving the relationship between employees and their direct supervisors as well as the relationship between employees and their employer. Accomplishing that requires a small change in thinking in what employees want.

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When Sustainable Employee Engagement Isn't Achieved (Part 2 of 2)

By Allison Reilly Tue, May 27,2014 @ PM

In the first part of this series, we discussed the importance of a sustainable workforce and how a sustainable workforce is different from traditional employee engagement. Essentially, traditional employee engagement isn't enough for the workplace of 2014. The wants and needs of employees are different today than they were 20 or 30 years ago. They're more stressed out and under more pressure than before, and they're also much more worried about job and financial security. In the second part of this series, we're going to cover what employers need to do to achieve sustainable employee engagement and the consequences of not having a sustainable workforce.

Topics: talent acquisition, employee engagement, recruiting best practices


Recruiting Metrics, Recruiting Technology, and More RPO News

By Allison Reilly Thu, May 22,2014 @ AM

Recruiting metrics and recruiting technology are two crucial topics in hiring and recruitment. They are two things that every organization ought to have, but if they aren't used correctly, then the organization is not getting the full benefit of the metrics' insight or of the technology's capabilities. This week's hiring and recruiting news roundup focuses on these two topics, topics that we haven't covered much in news roundups and that are long overdue for discussion.

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Sustainable Workforce vs. Employee Engagement (Part 1 of 2)

By Allison Reilly Tue, May 20,2014 @ PM

Sustainable engagement is defined as "the optimal relationship between employers and workers," and has three components: discretionary effort, well being, and a supportive work environment. Sustainable engagement is different from traditional workforce engagement, where traditional engagement still leaves employees detached or disengaged with the organization. Sustainable engagement goes one step further by not only identifying what drives employees to be engaged, but also offers holistic solutions to improve engagement. Employee engagement doesn't have shortcuts, and can't be simplified with one-size-fits all steps.

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