Technology and the Evolution of Business-Focused Recruiting

By Guest Thu, Jul 20,2017 @ AM

Everywhere you look these days, you can see how technology is changing how we live and work. Like many people, I’ve thought about how A.I. and machine learning is evolving, and how some job may be replaced by super robots. I’ve even wondered, “Are the days of recruiters numbered?” It was during this time that I came across a fascinating article on FiveThirtyEight by Oliver Roeder entitled The Machines Are Coming for Poker.


How to Write a Job Description That Hooks Candidates

By Guest Thu, Apr 27,2017 @ AM

Picture this:

200 million people search Google for job postings daily. 34% of the U.S. workforce are Millennials who will have occupied 75% of the workplace by 2025. As a professional recruiter taking the Gen Y worldview peculiarities into consideration, you realize that worn-out templates and prosing job descriptions will hardly attract great talents today. Despite more than $2 billion plunged into HR techs, recruiting multi-generation applicants remains challenging. In the battle for talent, employers approach to job posting formats other than texts – it might be videos or infographics, for example – but they still need one essential element to stand out from the crowd of generic job advertisements.


How to write a job description that hooks the right audience? What words to choose that provide accurate yet compelling details about a job offer? How you articulate your employer brand from the job posting to the in-person interview can make a big difference.

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Need-To-Know Facts About Recruiting Millennial Candidates

By Guest Thu, Apr 20,2017 @ AM

It's been a long time coming.

Seventeen years to be precise but it's finally here. Over the next coming years, millennials have, and will in mass, began their journey in the average workforce populations.

This process has already begun all over the world, in all sized businesses and by 2030, The Bureau of Labor Statistics predicted millennials will hold up to 75% of the overall workforce population. This may sound like a long way off but this process will start to take hold, fast.  

But what does this mean for recruiters?

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Why Your Employee Referral Program is Broken

By Guest Thu, Apr 13,2017 @ AM

Most companies have an employee referral program. Roughly two-thirds, or 63 percent, of organizations have a documented referral program, and on average 23% of hires originate from a referral. Linkedin even cited referrals as the best source of talent for companies in their 2017 Global Recruiting Trends report. However, companies are systematically under-investing in the success of their referral program. 

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How Technology in the Recruitment and Selection Process Can Save You Money

By Guest Thu, Feb 23,2017 @ AM

Whether you run a two-man shop or employ hundreds of workers, streamlining your recruitment and selection process is key. You need to use cost-effective strategies to find candidates, narrow searches, and onboard new employees. Resourceful recruiting boils down to one question: What’s your time worth?

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How the Internet of Things Can Improve Recruitment Processes

By Guest Fri, Jan 20,2017 @ AM

The Internet of Things (IoT) has been a byword for a few years as the next best thing, but few people realize what impact it can have on their lives and their jobs. It is more than having a Roomba, that's for sure.

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