The Costs and Benefits of Workplace Culture

by Carrie Kolar

workplace_culture.jpgWorkplace culture is a combination of many factors that can determine the success of your business, your recruiting, and your retention. A strong workplace culture brings with a host of benefits; a weak or negative workplace culture can bring sky-high costs. In this RPOA Weekly, we examine the costs and benefits of workplace culture.

Culture Matters: Building a Great Workplace for Employee and Business Success – About Talent 

It’s not a coincidence that the companies often labelled “Best Place to Work” – Google, Zappos – are also extremely successful. This article introduces the benefits of a strong workplace culture, including reduced employee turnover, greater profits and organizational growth, and suggests ways that companies can build and strengthen their culture to achieve those results. These suggestions include hiring for culture fit and potential, getting direct feedback from employees, copying “best of” workplace practices, and developing a guide that outlines your company’s mission, vision, values, purpose, and promise.

How Do You Keep Your Best Employees From Quitting? – RPOA - @RPOAssociation

If you want to build a culture of engagement and employee value, there’s one easy answer – succession plans. This article introduces the idea of succession plans, a method of internal employee development and promotion in which employers identify job openings down the road and train and develop existing employees specifically to fill those (higher-up) positions. It emphasizes the positive effect of succession planning on employee engagement and retention, as well as the business benefit of having succession plans in place.

Culture Shock: How to Evolve Your Workplace Culture for Today’s Employees – About Talent 

Times change, and employee motivations and drivers of engagement change with them. To keep up with the times and create a workplace that will properly manage and motivate employees, companies may need to undergo a radical change in their culture. This article introduces the concept of positive culture shock as a way to increase employee engagement and business success, and identifies outdated management practices that could be holding your workplace culture back. It then suggests an action plan that companies can use to update their culture in eight steps, and gives examples of models of “best to work for” culture.

Why Leadership (Still) Doesn’t Get Employee Well Being – Yoh - @YohCorporate

Employee well-being is essential to engagement and overall business success, but it can be frustratingly hard to measure. This article presents the results of a joint Yoh and HRO Today Employee Well Being Study that measures perceived U.S. employment security as a way to track employee well-being. It measured four areas, including possibility of job loss, likelihood of promotion, anticipation of a raise, and trust in company leadership to determine what factors effect employee well-being.

The Scary Cost of a Stressful Work Environment – Yoh - @YohCorporate

We know that stress is bad for people, but it turns out that it’s not so good for business, either. This article explores the costs of organizational stress and its potential causes, transitioning from a blog post to an infographic that presents the information in an easily-understood format. The article lists negative effects of organizational stress, including profit loss, poor job performance, and high staff turnover rates, and suggests managerial tactics that can be used to combat a stressful work environment, such as frequent communication, flexibility, rewards, and motivation based on employees’ hierarchy of needs.

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