RPOA Weekly: Using Culture to Capture Top Talent

by Steven Dashiell


From job descriptions that ramble and bore, to referral programs that land top talent but are often ignored, there are always places for businesses and hiring agencies to improve their recruitment process. In this week's #RPOAweekly, we look at the hot topics that made the rounds here at RPOA these last few weeks.  

Move Your Recruiting Efforts From ‘Post and Pray’ to Targeted Engagement

Your application process, job description, and company culture are all important facets of hiring the right candidates. As reviewed in this article, companies must leverage each in tandem to tell your corporate story and hook the right candidates for the job.

Assess Your Needs and Review Your Culture to Write a Job Description that Lands Top Talent

Candidates who read a job description will do only one of two things – complete the application, or pass on the opportunity. It is the job description that makes this decision for the candidate, and there are several items important to know when writing the description to make sure it seizes the attention of potential hires.  

How to Write a Job Description That Hooks Candidates

Tone, word choice, and accessibility are a few of the items needed for a strong job description as recommended by Lesley J. Vos, private educator and career specialist in Chicago, Il.  

Need-To-Know Facts About Recruiting Millennial Candidates

Brenda Berg, consultant and tutor at Assignment Help, offers great insight into the enormous (and by some, dreaded) wave of millennials set to enter the workforce in the coming years. Millennials have different desires and expectations from their careers, Berg explains, meaning that your recruiting methods will have to adjust accordingly.

Why Your Employee Referral Program is Broken

Employee referral programs are one of the greatest sources of quality talent when it comes to recruiting. Despite positive data demonstrating referral program efficacy, many businesses spend little time investing in such programs. Christina McComic, Head of Content at Simppler, a recruiting technology company in San Mateo, CA., explores the challenges businesses face when attempting to expand their referral programs and how to make the most of referral efforts.  

#AskAnRPOExpert: Solving Complex Healthcare Hiring Challenges with Hueman RPO's, Joe Marino

In this #AskAnRPOExpert entry, Joe Marino, Senior Vice President at Hueman RPO in Jacksonville Beach, Fla., takes on some commonly asked questions regarding hiring in the healthcare arena. High turnover, poor employee engagement, and long hours with low pay are just some of the difficulties the industry faces when appealing to a candidate pool that skews small.  

Want to learn more about creating a company culture that improves your recruitment outlook? Join us for Hueman’s June 7 webinar “Culture Fit Disrupted.” Hueman CEO Dwight Cooper and Vice President of Marketing Sarah Palmer will explain what HR means by company culture and how to hire for it, netting you a larger bottom line.

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