#RPOAWeekly: How To Keep Your Best Employees Happy

by Carrie Kolar

How_To_Keep_Your_Best_Employees_HappyCommon wisdom states “a penny saved is a penny earned.” That concept goes double for recruitment – a good employee who stays not only does the work they were hired for, they keep their employer from having the extra expense and trouble of hiring someone to replace them. Keeping your good employees is one of the best recruiting moves a business can make. Determining the best way to keep them, however, is a completely difference challenge.  In this week’s Roundup, we take a look at how to keep your best employees happy by developing a culture of employee engagement.

How Do You Keep Your Best Employees From Quitting? – RPOA - @RPOAssociation

One of the most effective ways to keep your best employees is to promise them growth and development within your company. This article by RPOA introduces the concept of succession plans, and how it can they can be used to create roadmaps for internal promotion and career growth for the employees you want to keep. The article further discusses how succession planning can pay dividends not only when the employees actually fill vacant positions, but also in the increased engagement that results when the company puts time and effort into the professional development that allows employees to fill the empty spots.

Red Nose Day: 3 Simple Ways to Boost Employee Engagement – Yoh - @YohCorporate

Increasing employee engagement doesn’t always have to mean complicated new programs or expensive ventures. This article discusses three simple concepts to boost employee engagement based on a television event that engaged celebrities and Yoh employees alike. These three ideas include: having a photo shoot, complete with props and an excuse to be silly; holding a bake sale; and making a group donation for a worthy cause. These ideas are simple and inexpensive to execute, but when tried out at the Yoh Corporation, generated laughs and goodwill all around.

Why You Need to Encourage Professional Development for Your Employees – SHRM - @WeKnowNext

Providing professional development opportunities for your employees is a strategy that provides a double payoff in increased employee engagement and increased employee ability. In this article, SHRM provides four reasons why business need to embrace professional develop for their employees, as well as a list of steps employers can take to encourage their employees to take advantage of the opportunities available. These four reasons include increased happiness and loyalty in employees, an increased ability for companies to handle change, easier succession plan implementation, and giving employees a sense of control over their futures.

Corporate Culture and Workplace Happiness at South by Southwest – ERE - @ERE_net

This article discusses the main takeaways of a panel at the South by Southwest Interactive conference entitled “Quantifying Workplace Happiness and Culture Fit.” According to one of the panel members, culture is currently the most important issue in the business world, and employee engagement is lagging behind, with engagement strategies becoming obsolete and HR not solving the problem. The panel suggested that employee engagement needs to start with boardroom transparency, and that bringing employees in touch with larger organizational goals will make them feel engaged. The panel also suggested that hiring for passion, intelligence, and ambition in addition to skills will help to build the company and culture you need.

5 Ways to Embed Your Organization With a Culture of Happiness – ERE - @ERE_net

The key to building a positive, effective workplace culture is something very simple: happiness. This article suggests five steps that companies can take to create such a positive culture. These steps include Connect, Be Fair, Empower, Challenge, and Inspire. Implementing these steps as long-term changes to company approaches and employee management will result in the culture of happiness that businesses need to keep their best employees and encourage top work.

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