How to Make Onboarding Work for You

by Carrie Kolar

How_to_Make_Onboarding_Work_for_YouEmployee success isn’t guaranteed when a new hire steps in the door. Once you’ve gotten the needed talent, the next step is to integrate them into your company, encourage their productivity, and keep them from leaving. One of the best tools to accomplish these goals is your employee onboarding process. In this week’s RPOA Roundup, we take a look at new ideas, and successful examples of onboarding processes look like so you can learn how to make onboarding work for you.

How to Write an Effective New Hire Survey – RPOA - @RPOAssociation

To make sure that your onboarding process is effective, you need feedback from the group it serves – your new employees. This article suggests using new hire surveys as a method of getting feedback on your onboarding process, and gives tips on how to write the surveys that give you the most information. It recommends asking questions that gauge if the new hire will remain with the company, and points out that if you are experiencing a high turnover rate, your new hire survey could give you clues as to why. It also recommends that you refrain from asking leading questions, since they may keep employees from giving honest and constructive feedback.

20 Ideas for Employee Onboarding – ERE Media - @ERE_net

Your business and practices change – your onboarding process should keep up. This article presents twenty ideas for innovative onboarding techniques gathered from a 2015 survey of over 150 small- and medium-sized organizations. The techniques focus on introducing new hires around the company, ways to get them immediately engaged with the company culture, and how to educate them about the company, best practices, and their duties. Examples include giving new employees a BINGO card to track their lunches with management, taking the department out to lunch the day a new hire comes on board, and using gamification for products, services, and procedures.

What is Onboarding – and Why Do You Need It? – SHRM - @WeKnowNext

The process of acquiring talent isn’t over when you sign new hire papers. Once you’ve hired a new employee, your job is to make sure they stay, and your onboarding process is one of the best tools you have to retain your new employees. This article discusses the importance of onboarding, and suggests that employers use acclimating, engaging, and ultimately retaining employees as their goals for the onboarding process. It goes in-depth to explore each goal, and recommends tips for effective employee onboarding. Some of these tips include getting feedback from new hires, assign an existing employee to assist with orientation and acclimatization, and having a written statement of the new hire’s responsibilities ready to go on their first day.

How Mentors Can Help Improve the Onboarding Experience – TLNT - @TLNT_com

An effective onboarding process can increase new hire engagement, productivity, and the length of time they stay with a company. This article recommends a mentorship onboarding model, where new hires are paired with experienced employees who can guide their experience. It lists three major benefits of a mentor-based onboarding process, and explains the background of each. These benefits include facilitating knowledge transfer, enhancing safety and security, and delivering on-the-job training.

Half of Workers Experience Onboarding Mishaps, OfficeTeam Survey Finds – Staffing Industry Analyst - @execforum

Employers may be so focused sharing important information that they overlook the more basic parts of an employee onboarding process. This article shares the results on a survey from the staffing firm OfficeTeam, which reveal that 33% of workers surveyed had issues with their computer, phone or security access not being properly set up when they began a new job, and 22% of workers surveyed said that their new employers did not give them necessary supplies. The article emphasizes the importance of making sure that employers have all of the logistics of onboarding new hires in place before they start acquainting new hires with existing employees and company culture.


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