Contingent Hiring, Company Culture, and Other Recruiting News

by Allison Reilly

Easter RPO NewsHappy Easter! This week's news roundup is a little bit late, but that's only because we took some extra time this week to find the best hiring and recruiting news stories from the past week. As you celebrate the holiday, enjoy these posts on contingent hiring, company culture, and more.

Contingent Workforce Management: Avengers Style - The Seamless Workforce - Great contingent workforce management means having a great team, and who better to have on your team than the Avengers. Although the actual superheroes may not be the best fit for your RPO solution, every RPO solution should have its own Captain America as implementation manager, or someone like Tony Stark as Solution Design Manager. Since RPO is a partnership, success is still about the team rather than one person.

How to Fix Your Lame Company Culture - Fast Company - Company culture exists, whether or not you took the time to create it. The hard part is fixing a lame company culture and putting the time in to create a great company culture intentionally. It takes consistent and holistic thinking to make this happen, addressing the whole person in your company culture and ensuring that your culture is consistent. It can't be a value statement on the wall or something that the company aspires to have.

Misconceptions of Remote Workers - Accolo - Many contingent workers may also be remote workers, and one of the biggest misconceptions about remote workers is that they only want to be out of the office to slack off. However, the statistics say otherwise. The number one reason why remote workers choose to work remotely is to avoid the morning commute, a decision that can add several hours to the work week. A vast majority of remote workers also report working longer hours from home than if they were to go into the office each day. With both remote workers and on-site employees, it's still about trust.

Companies Spend More on Coffee Than On Training. Wait, What? - The Hiring Site - It's true, as nearly half of businesses spend just $68 per day on training employees. Many people probably work for businesses that easily spend double that in a single day, when you consider the brand of coffee plus cups, creamer, sugar, coffee stirrers, and coffee filters. What's even more interesting is that employee training is crucial to closing the skills gap and to retaining good employees. About two-thirds of employees expect to acquire job-specific skills when on the job.

Homing From Work? It Also Means Your Working From Home - TLNT - No, this isn't a creative phrase for "working from home", although it can also mean that. Homing from work is the phenomenon of getting personal things done while at work. Since 2011, there's been a 30 percent increase in the number of employees working more than nine hours per day, but 80 percent also feel they have a solid work-life balance. It doesn't make sense, but it does when you consider that people spend time at work on social networks, shopping online, and taking care of other family needs.

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photo credit: JolieNY via photopin cc

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