More Innovative Hiring and Recruiting Practices, and Other News

by Allison Reilly

hiring and recruiting practicesHiring and recruiting practices differ from organization to organization, and there is no "one way" to recruit someone. It all depends on the position, how the person was sourced, even on the particular candidate. Balancing all that while keeping up with recruiting trends and filling jobs quickly isn't easy. Here's the latest hiring and recruiting news offering tips and tricks toward more innovating and competitive recruiting practices:

Corporate Recruiting's Fork in the Road - - As long as corporate recruiting doesn't choose to be in a transactional mode, where it's just about filling and receiving job requisitions, then everything should be okay. The point is that with things changing, and with new ways to do things (such as recruitment process outsourcing) it's also about remaining efficient and tracking the best ways to do things. With many more people in the recruiting process, it's about keeping everything together and making sure we really know what's going on.

Make Your Culture Your Brand: Tips for More Competitive Recruiting - The Hiring Site - Recruiters have to think like marketers. Salary can't be your only selling point or competitive edge, as people leave companies for more reasons than pay. To compete with top brands and big companies, the rest need to use their company culture as their employment brand. This means doing a little research i.e. asking top performers about the company culture and why it's great to work at your organization. Learn who succeeds at your organization, and attract those types of people.

4 Tips for Innovating Recruiting - The RPO Hub - Changes are always taking place in hiring and recruiting practices. New technology is always coming out to make things easier and more efficients. There's always a new place to post jobs, or for candidates to double check employers, and vice versa. Part of innovating and staying ahead is paying attention to these trends, and doing what you can to keep up instead of catch up. Here are some tips to keeping up with today's recruiting trends.

Forget the Skills Deficit: How About Filling Open Jobs? - China Gorman - This article analyzes data from several sources, concluding that what everyone needs to figure out (governments, employers, recruiters, job seekers etc.) is how to match talent with the positions that are available. The data shows that in every sector, there are more unemployed people than there are job openings. Sure, there may be a skills deficit, but that might only be half the problem here.

Stories from a New-Grad Recruiter: Working Gen Y Values to Your Advantage on Campus: - - Today's recent college graduates value diversity, authenticity, and guidance. Companies and recruiters who make those values their own as well are the ones who are going to attract and to retain these people in their candidate pipeline. Even though the author doesn't mention this, but Gen Y's have an extensive network of other Gen Ys and recent college graduates. Making a good impression on one person is massive for the employment brand and in getting others into that pipeline.

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