How Culture Makes or Breaks the Recruiting Process

by Janine Lucas

3911407839 aee33ced51 mIs your company’s culture helping or hindering you from finding the right talent? Good culture is the core of any great company and it often goes well beyond the day to day of the office environment. These articles will show you how culture can motivate talent and reduce turnover and why defining your core culture will help strengthen your company. Also included: the importance of outsourcing for an MSP – understanding ATS and why you need one today - what scares away talent in the recruiting process.

New Study Answers: What Motivates Employees To 'Go The Extra Mile?' - Forbes - @Forbes – Recruiters know better than anyone just how important culture is to company. A good culture helps differentiate your company and can be the secret ingredient that will help you discover and retain key talent. It shouldn’t come as a surprise that, according to a survey highlighted in this article, the key way to motivate employees isn’t money—it’s “camaraderie and peer motivation.” In fact, money came in at #7 of the top ways to motivate employees—making culture now more important than ever. Are you using culture to the best of your company’s advantage?

Ready. Set. Deploy. The MSP Comes of Age -Yoh – @YohCorporate -  These days it’s nearly impossible for managers to oversee their contingent workforce in house. This article argues that the time to start outsourcing Managed Service Providers (Managed Staffing Providers) is now. Since the question is no longer “when do I need to worry about hiring an MSP?” companies now need to start thinking about how they plan to find a smart organization to select, develop, and deploy contingent staffing solutions in a way that will get them right talent. To help, this article includes a checklist for deployment that will help you as your roll out your MSP game plan.

Demystifying Applicant Tracking System for Recruitment Success - RPOA - @RPOAssociation - According to a recent Applicant Tracking System Buyer View by Software Advice, an online resource for ATS technology, there are three trends in the ATS market for 2014: (1) the number of businesses who automate their applicant tracking processes has increased by 33%, (2) the increase is due to company growth, and (3) the most requested feature in an applicant tracking system is the ability to automatically post jobs to social media and job boards. Are you using an ATS to your company’s advantage?  This article breaks down what an ATS is and why you need to start using one right away.

Embracing the Core of Your Culture - Mark Lukens - @marklukens – Did you know you already have the ingredients to make your company’s culture far more powerful? All you need to do is uncover that core essence of what makes your company great and indentify it as the very epicenter of your company’s culture. This article shows how companies like IBM and Allied Wallet emphasized the energy around their workforce and used it to propel their culture forward. Remember, it’s not about dictating, but about emphasizing the evolution of the culture that already exists within your walls.

Most Hiring Processes Are Ineffective and Worse, Insulting  - LinkedIn Pulse - @jeff_haden – It’s difficult to find great talent, but it might not be because there’s a lack of qualified candidates out there—the reason may be due to the hiring process. In this article, LinkedIn Influencer, Jeff Haden, discusses some of the ways a company may be driving key talent away. Some of these reasons include: posting a job description that isn’t fully realized; making candidates jump through needless administrative hoops; playing games with candidates during the interview process; and not following up with every candidate.

Photo source: Flickr. The Alibaba Culture. 

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