Social Recruiting, Diversity Challenges and More RPO News

by Allison Reilly

social recruiting rpo newsAccording to the 2014 Global Leadership Forecast, the number one leadership challenge for CEOs is human capital, followed by customer relations and innovation. To overcome the challenge of leadership and human capital, improving the effectiveness of management and improving leadership development program were cited as the top two strategies. This week's hiring and recruiting news roundup should help with both of those strategies, where development is possible and where management is currently ineffective. Both of these strategies may not necessarily require new staff and may instead simply need new ways to evaluate and to enhance each of your staff members individually.

Active and Passive Job Seekers Prefer to Apply Through Facebook - Accolo - In social recruiting, Facebook is a great way to reach passive candidates because passive candidates are unlikely to engage with your company on LinkedIn or on your career page. Using Facebook isn't a bad strategy, since it has a 47 percent conversion-to-apply rate. A point this article makes that's worth considering is that on Facebook, it's easier for people to leverage their connections by sharing job posts and referring people to companies. That's harder to do on LinkedIn because communicating with someone isn't as simple as sharing a link on someone's page.

What I've Learned About How Diverse Candidates Perceive Their Value - TLNT - This article is a personal essay on how minority candidates and employees think about their role in the workplace and the work they need to do in order to be successful. The author says that many minorities, herself included, are told from a young age that they need to work harder than everyone else in order to achieve success. She also says that many minority candidates and employees think than their companies and their bosses see them as less valuable, and therefore have to do more to prove their value. When employers and companies understand that this perspective exists, then they can better include diverse candidates into the fold.

Two Birds - One Stone: Accelerate Employee Motivation and Retention - The Seamless Workforce - If you're company's employee morale or motivation is at an all time low, then a good place to look is in your HR department. This isn't because employee motivation is HR's responsibility, but rather that an overstretched recruiting department is less likely to make good hires and to attend to the needs of your current employees. Ultimately, an overworked, unhappy HR department will have "trickle-down" effect on the rest of your company. To fix this evaluate, the department's role and determine the resources it needs so it can run an efficient operation.

Leadership Challenges, Critical Skills and the Importance of Gender Diversity - China Gorman -  Having a diverse workforce means more diversity in the ideas, problem solving and productivity of your workplace. A major part of that diversity is gender diversity, where previous research has shown that organizations with more women in leadership positions perform better financially. However, women are less likely to consider themselves effective leaders while also lacking specific experiences that would improve their leadership skills, such as leading teams across different geographies or completing international assignments. Improving leadership development and managerial effectively ought to include an emphasis on confidence and in working across various international boundaries.

Time to Fill Has the Longest Duration Since 2001 - - The national average for time to fill - the time it takes to post a job description, to source a candidate and to hire a new employee - is at 24.9 days. This is nine days longer than the average in 2009! Not only has the average increased since 2001, but June 2014 has the most job openings (4.7 million) than any month since 2001. The main reason for the increased average is that businesses are having a harder time filling the position with someone with the right skill set. More than one-third of small businesses said they are unable to find people with the skill sets they need.

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