Evaluating RPO Providers, Speed of Hire, and Other Recruiting News

by Allison Reilly

RPO providers newsNearly three-fourths of organizations plan to hire this year (if they haven't completed their hiring already), and about half of them are considering RPO providers and other outsourced recruitment firms to help them meet their needs. This week's hiring and recruiting news roundup focuses on the need for organizations to hire, and how they can do it faster and better.

The Secret Recruiting Solutions Your RPO Provider Will Never Tell You - The Seamless Workforce - For companies with more than 1,000 employees, the average time to hire has increased from 29 days to 43 days. The 50 percent increase in the speed of hire is due to several challenges, such as a lack of resources, financial constraints, or other open positions that add to your recruiting costs. Overcoming these challenges means learning these eight secret learning solutions that your RPO provider knows (and will gladly share with you if you hire their services), but can be learned independently if you have the knowledge and talent to do so.

Evaluating RPO Providers - Accolo - Recruitment process outsourcing is a partnership, so buyer needs to evaluate providers carefully to choose the right partner. RPO providers do more than fulfill a service. The main thing that you need to assess before choosing or considering an RPO provider is your exact hiring needs. Providers specialize in different regions, verticals, and positions, so you need to know where you have problems and what you'd like to accomplish. From there, a buyer can find the right partner to solve its hiring needs in measurable ways.

7 More Reasons Why Slow Hiring is Bad for Business - TLNT - We previously covered interview marathons here on the RPOA blog, which is one example of how businesses are purposefully slow to hire. We covered some of the consequences of such a ridiculous recruiting process, and this article from TLNT elaborates on those consequences while offering other examples. The article isn't specific to interview marathons, which makes it even better. The author makes two great points on missing out on "passive candidates" and how the wrong metrics could disguise costly recruiting problems.

How to Select an ATS - The Staffing Stream - Selecting an applicant tracking system is tough, and it's a question our audience asks often since there are many to choose from and each system works differently from each other. Although each ATS ultimately serves the same functions for recruitment, someone who has learned how to do one hasn't learned how to use all of them. This article does a great job of outlining the different factors an HR or recruiting executive ought to consider when selecting an ATS, or selecting a new, updated ATS for the company.

3 Amazing Tips for Your Mobile Recruitment Strategy - Nearly everyone owns a smartphone. That's not news, since the big new is often when you find out your friend or relative still has a flip phone or a device that can't handle any apps. What is news is that a mobile recruitment strategy is much more than having a mobile-friendly career site. People use their smartphones for just about everything, so your mobile recruitment strategy needs to be a bigger part of that everything. This means incorporating social media and email alerts, where your brand can answer candidate questions, provide valuable content, and have a strong digital presence so that your company is right there as an active or passive candidate stumbles across your brand as they do something besides job hunting.

With the battle for hiring great candidates getting hotter, information on what the hiring market looks like, how to find the best candidates and the costs of recruit-to-hire are more important than ever. In our hour-long State of the Hiring Union Webinar, you'll get the inside scoop on getting ahead, including:

  • National Labor Statistics – where is unemployment today and how it affects recruiting and hiring
  • National & Industry Specific Recruiting Costs - and how to measure and compare yours easily
  • Best Sources of Hires by Department/Job Function including Sales, Marketing, Finance, IT, HR, etc.

Through this webinar you will take away current information that you can act on today. Download the webinar slides and video today.

Webinar state of the hiring union

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