Planning Ahead, Lessons from 2013, and Other RPO News

by Allison Reilly

2014 RPO NewsHappy 2014! Let's make this year better than last year by setting goals and planning how to reach those goals. The goals, of course, are up to you. However, the strategy is the toughest and most important part of setting. If you fail to plan, then you plan to fail. Hopefully, the articles in this week's RPO roundup will help with strategy and concrete steps to take to reach your goals.

Planning Ahead for 2014 - The Seamless Workforce - Planning ahead isn't just thinking about what you want to accomplish this year, or budgeting time and money for upcoming hires and campaigns. It's also revising plans and processes that need to be evaluated annually and quarterly. Planning ahead for 2014 also means celebrating and recognizing successes, so that your team knows that they did a good job and that they contributed to making 2013 a great year. If they understand that, then they'll want to help make 2014 an even better year.

My 4 Sourcing Lessons from 2013 - Fistful of Talent - Since it's the New Year, some of us may not want to think about last year. Perhaps it wasn't the best, and the fact that it's over means focus should be on the next 12 months. But, reflection is crucial, like in this article so that we don't repeat these mistakes. We also want to ensure that we do better than last year, not exactly the same, and part of that is keeping up with trends and committing to what's missing in your candidate sources and recruiting process.

Performance Management: The Challenge of Measures - Method3 - This is a great article from one of our RPOA partners about how performance measurements can be harder to handle than they seem, primarily because most measurements address a board overview versus individual performance or needs. The article includes a great example of setting a target of having 95% of applications responded to within 3 days. This may sound like a great way to improve customer resolution, but this target percentage doesn't allow for resolution, as it doesn't say to have 95% of applications resolved within 3 days. It's merely including responses, which could include messages asking for additional information or notifying about a delay.

The Difference Between Knowledge, Skills, and Abilities - HR Bartender - At first glance, it may seem like there isn't much difference among those three things. All are needed to be successful in the workplace, and recruiters look for all three when selecting candidates and conducting interviews. However, knowing their subtle differences can help with improving these characteristics of your employees. For example, improving knowledge and improving skills are two different things. Improving skills may need a class or a training seminar, while improving knowledge may need a guest speaker or a few books on the subject.

How to Create an Awesome Career Page for Your Website - The RPO Hub - About a quarter of external hires come from your career page or website, so if your page isn't the best it could be, then you could be missing out on a lot of great candidates. Also, the career page/website is one of the few portals that's entirely in your control. You're not relying on a third-party to post your job description, to make changes, to promote your employment brand, or even to host your information. If you're career page isn't awesome, then that's the employer's fault and no one else's. Don't waste this great candidate resource just because you find it hard to fix, or just because you're not paying attention.

Finding a right fit is always the start to a great relationship. Your business is made on right fits. However a leader can’t assume that character alone will carry strong results forever. Through understanding how you can manage, support and maintain a strong relationship with your RPO provider or client, a leader will always be guaranteed the best results.

In this upcoming webinar, our first for 2014, you will:

1. Understand what activities are taken to create a strong and successful relationship. 
2. Learn and take away systems to implement the activities. 
3. Practice the communication skills necessary for success.
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