4 More Awesome Benefits to Recruitment Outsourcing

by Allison Reilly

recruitment outsourcing benefitsOne of the biggest myths about recruitment outsourcing is that recruitment outsourcing is the equivalent of dependency and giving up control of your recruiting process. The complete opposite is what's true, especially if your current recruiting process or recruiting method aren't working. Why not get some help, or have someone else do your recruiting, when you aren't doing the very best recruiting work you could be doing.

There's no point in having quality and efficiency suffer just because you need to have control. If our previous article on recruitment process outsourcing benefits wasn't enough, then here are four more awesome benefits to recruitment outsourcing. These benefits outweigh the consequences of shared responsibility over the recruiting process.

Increase in Speed of Hire

Although speed of hire needs to be balanced with quality of hire so that you don't rush in filling a position, every day an open position remains open costs the company money. An open sales position means one less person selling your products and services. An open customer service position means one less person working with customers so that they stay customers. The average time to hire is 34 days, and that average increases to 54 days when you consider the time between first advertising an open position and the actual start date of the new hire. Either number of days is a long time to go without the person you need.

Talent Pool Creation for Future Recruitment

Recruitment outsourcing can increase your speed of hire by making your recruiting process more operationally efficient, but it can also increase your speed of hire by creating a talent pool to tap into for future recruitment. After all, most organizations are filling a position that was vacated by someone else, versus filling a position that's brand new and never been held by anyone before. The point is that there isn't any need to reinvent the wheel with each new hire by starting from scratch with your talent pool. Recruitment outsourcing can continue to fill your pipeline so that when a position does need to be filled, you already have a few candidates to consider. You don't have to spend time filling the pipeline first.

Tracking, Reporting, and Auditing Improvement

You can't improve what you can't measure, and outsourcing your recruitment to an RPO provider can help you to establish crucial metrics. These metrics will tell you whether or not you have successful recruiting, where in your recruiting process you can improve, and how to hold your RPO provider (and your own team) accountable toward your recruiting goals. A big component to improving your recruiting process is knowing where to allocate resources, and with metrics, you can easily figure out what's working and not working and make adjustments. If you don't know what to fix, how to fix it, and where to allocate your resources, then you're just guessing, and guessing about those things will not make any significant positive changes.

Adjust More Easily to New Recruiting Trends

Two prominent recruiting trends that are likely to stay are the increase in temporary and part-time labor and the increase in the number of times people change careers and employers. Both of these recruiting trends means that your company needs to emphasize retaining your best employees as well as giving potential hires the best reasons to choose to work for you versus another company. Competition is getting fiercer as employees have more choice in where to work and in how to work, and employers will have to fight harder to hire and to keep their best (there's more incentive than ever for them to go somewhere else, even if they like working for you). Recruitment outsourcing can give you an edge with both trends by helping you work on your employment brand and to focus on what employees want out of you so that they stay working with your company.

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