The State of the RPO Industry and More Recruiting News

by Allison Reilly

rpo industry newsIn this week's hiring and recruiting news roundup, we curated some of the best articles regarding employee engagement and the state of the RPO industry. Engaging and training your employees are going to be critical this year as the state of the industry, and recruiting, suggests that retention of talent (recruiting and non-recruiting) is one of the year's biggest challenges. This week's roundup provides useful information to help your organization overcome these hurdles.

Top 4 Recruiting Challenges of 2014 - The RPO Hub - The two biggest recruiting challenges for 2014 are retaining top talent and the shortage of top recruiters (which could fall into the category of retaining top talent). Both of these challenges can be overcome by improving employee engagement and employee training, since these challenges aren't problems that money can necessarily solve. Recruiting top talent is always a challenge, but recruiting the best is only going to be harder if an organization has a high turnover rate and/or doesn't have the necessary recruiting staff.

Key to Successful Leadership: Make Your Employees Your MVP - The Hiring Site - This article highlights two examples of CEOs taking the time to make their employees the hero of the company story. These CEOs of Pepsi and Union Hospitality Group understand that the only way for their employees to succeed at their jobs is if they feel good about themselves and those jobs. They took the time to ensure that their employees feel appreciated, an act that usually only costs time.

Do You Trust Your Recruiter? - The Seamless Workforce - Part of recruiting and retaining the best recruiting talent is trusting the talent that you have to do a good job. When you trust your recruiter, it's much easier to trust the rest of your recruiting process. You don't have to take time while sorting through resumes and conducting the interview to build trust in the candidate and the information s/he is providing. That trust is already there because you trust your recruiter to determine who can be trusted to continue through the process. Trusting your recruiters creates a different experience for the recruiting process, and makes your recruiting talent happy because you believe they can do a good job.

How Training Can Make Good Employees Great - Accolo - Especially with the upcoming shortage of great recruiters, organizations are going to need to train their current recruiters to fill the gap or risk not having the staff needed to fill open positions. Although the philosophy of training employees applies to more than recruiting staff, companies simply can't have the expectation in 2014 that the best are always going to come with everything they want. Companies can't assume that the best employees they do have are going to stay forever without any additional training. Work should be a place for people to grow professionally. If you aren't going to provide that, then another workplace will.

Is Your Talent Brand Totally Toxic? - TLNT - Employees are the face of your brand, both the marketing brand and the employment brand. They have immense influence over customers and candidates, and when it comes to branding, your brand is what customers and candidates think it is. Organizations can only control their brands so much. But, the control they do have can be exercised wisely. One way to do that is to provide a channel for discontent that leads to resolution. Social media can channel discontent, but very rarely does that vocalization lead to solving the problem.

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