RPO News and Trends: Turning Negatives into Positives

by Allison Reilly

rpo news rpo trendsMy mother always used to say, "there's always a positive in a negative." It's essentially another way to say to look at the silver lining. This is the theme of this week's RPO news roundup, where as we venture further into 2014, we have more information regarding the big trends and events of this year in hiring and recruiting. Overall, there are a few good trends and a few bad trends. But, if we know that the bad trends are there, then employers can be proactive and turn these trends into positive ones by acting accordingly.

New Year, New Employer: 1 in 5 Workers Expect to Change Jobs in 2014 - The Hiring Site - Up from 17% last year, 20% of US workers are resolving to change jobs thie year, according to a recent survey of 3,000 employees. The main reason they want to leave, kind of obviously, is that they are dissatisfied with their jobs. Why are they dissatisfied? The two biggest reasons were salary concerns and not feeling valued. Even though 80% of US workers plan to stay with their current employer, addressing those concerns to retain all of your employees may be what it takes to stop good people from putting in their two-week notice.

Finding the Value in Your Best and Worst Performers - Accolo - Bad hires cost big time, and it's not just in money. A bad hire can also cost productivity, worker morale, and client solutions. Even though most bad hires will exhibit certain behaviors that indicate that you may need to fire them sooner rather than later, some may just be bad hires because they aren't performing. But, determining if someone is a low performer or is the lowest performer isn't always easy, unless you have the right metrics in place. A CFO can help with this, showcasing how each employee contributes to the bottom line.

List of 2014 Recruiting and Human Resource Conferences - Looking for a chance to sharpen your skills? This list of conferences includes everything we could find for the year. Naturally, those scheduled after June had very little information offered, but it also helps that many recruiting and human resource conferences happening between March and May anyway, with a few in October. There are a lot of neat events happening in 2014, and at least one would have something great to offer you and your organization.

Predictive Analytics in HR: Barriers to Deployment - Method3 - There are four major barriers to implementing predictive analytics: software, psychology, data integration, and access to data. The analytics aren't easy to deploy, but once you are aware of your barriers, then you can plan how to overcome them to get the benefits of predictive analytics. For example, access to data may mean not having all the information possible to make a great prediction. But, it could also mean deciding whether or not using specific sets of information would be ethical. This means that planning how you use data would have to include these guidelines, as well as accounting for the data holes.

Finding Gems: RPO Can Make You a Better Miner - The Seamless Workforce - Finding great talent is difficult! It may be easy to forget, or too easy to remember, how hard it is to find that perfect fit for that open position. When it comes to finding great talent, you not only have to consider how long and how much effort it takes, but also if there's a better way or a faster way to find that great talent. Sometimes, that better way may mean having someone else find the talent so you can work on interviewing candidates, or prepping open positions for recruiters.

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