Managing Talent Demand, and More Recruiter Advice

by Allison Reilly

recruiter advice newsThis week's RPO news roundup is all about managing talent demand and those beginning steps in the recruiting process. It's all about getting people in the pipeline, screening candidates quickly, and how RPO could possibly help with all this. Consider it all good recruiter advice, tips and concepts to help us find better candidates, to find them faster, and to do what it takes to get them applying to your jobs and accepting your offer.

Two Poor Recruiting Efficiency Ideas - - "The key to successful screening and interviewing has little to do with time spent, and everything to do with consistent standards, questions and training." To be efficient, and successful, in recruiting doesn't have anything to do with time, but making sure that everyone is screened according to the same standards and with the same consistency. It also doesn't really matter who does these screening interviews, as long as that standard and that consistency is there.

RPO: Managing the Highs and Lows of Talent Demand - The Staffing Stream - RPO works best when everyone is on board: HR, executives, procurement, operations etc. When the process and the goals are clearly defined from the onset, then managing talent demand and moving through hiring swings is just that much easier. After all, you can't outsource a recruiting process if you don't have much of one in the first place. You can't expected your recruiting process to improve if you don't have goals, and if you aren't flexible with the needs of your company and of the talent market.

Recruit Me Like You Mean It: 4 Things to Say and Do When You Get Family Members on the Phone Instead of Candidates… - Fistful of Talent - Calling a potential candidate and reaching a family member may seem like a wasted call, where even leaving a message might not accomplish anything. This article says otherwise, and outlines four things you can say to the family member or significant other to get this candidate interested in your open position. Hint: it involves saying the potential candidate is awesome and can probably do way better in your open position than his/her current position.

What Great Job Postings Have in Common - - All too often, job descriptions fail to communicate the day-to-day challenges in the position as well as the salary, despite that those two factors are the two most important to employees. A job description is the first impression when recruiting, and generic descriptions will lose great talent simply because the description won't entice them in any way. This article outlines what makes a job posting exceptional.

Recruitment Process Outsourcing FAQs - The RPO Hub - In case you missed our most recent webinar about RPO components and success, here's a roundup of some of the questions we received from the audience and their answers from the presenter. People were most curious about ensuring success with an RPO provider, how an RPO solution would work, and how RPO is different from other hiring and outsourcing solutions. Learn more about the basics of recruitment process outsourcing through this FAQ and the accompanying presentation.

Any successful relationship is dependent on a good beginning. Hiring an RPO partner is no different. In this upcoming, 60-minute webinar, we will discuss and learn what an RPO buyer should do to prepare for hiring an RPO provider. Register today to learn how to use and implement our proven assessment that will ensure a good relationship each and every time.

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