Top Hiring and Recruiting News: Process Recruitment and Sourcing

by Allison Reilly

hiring and recruiting newsThis week’s edition of top hiring and recruiting news is all about process recruitment and sourcing candidates. It's a topic we haven't discussed too much on the RPO blog, and even though recruitment is in our name, we ought to pay some homage to the recruiter and what they have to go through to get the job done. Hopefully, this week's top hiring and recruiting news will shine the spotlight and make things a little easier:

Don’t Make Long-Term Hiring Decisions Using Short-Term Information – Lou Adler - “Job-seekers needed to evaluate the new job as a career move with a modest salary change, not a lateral transfer with a big compensation increase. In parallel, hiring managers had to be convinced to evaluate candidates based on their past performance and future potential.” Need more be said?

Can Technology Drive RPO Success? – The Staffing Stream – Technology has changed everything, and the RPO industry is no exception. An important factor when choosing an RPO provider is not only knowing who's up-to-date with the latest technology and software, but knowing which provider will also consider your needs and finding the best solution to meet them, whether or not that means technology.

Do You Allow Your Recruiting Teammates to Fail? - Novotus - It turns out that two of the keys to recruiting success is teamwork and commitment. All of the best recruiting teams, on both the corporate and the agency side, have both incorporate into their process recruitment so that teammates don't fail. Instead, they do what it takes so that everyone succeeds in every aspect of recruiting.

Why Your ATS's Candidate Referral Source Report May Be Misleading You - The Hiring Site - Recruiters and hiring managers try to find value in job boards by turning to the Candidate Referral Source Report. However, what it says might not actually be true because its relying on candidate responses instead of the applicant tracking system. Also, some recruiters aren't doing enough to determine if a job board is providing an excellent return on investment. Read this article to learn how to change all that.

Why Do We Need Recruiters: A Perspective - The Seamless Workforce - Could internal recruiters provide more perspective to process recruitment and sourcing simply because he/she has the insight into making the great hire? That's what this article is saying, especially since with an outside recruiter, hiring managers tend to expect service instead of the prospective and insight necessary to get the best hire possible in the fastest amount of time. Whether you have internal recruiters, or choose to outsource, find someone who will provide that perspective and not just say, "Yeah, we can do that."

Source of Hire: Is Perception Reality? - China Gorman -In 1997, newspaper ads generated almost 30% of new hires. In 2012, not only does print fall to a mere 2.3%, but the Internet (which includes social media, job boards, and career sites) generated almost half of all new hires! The world of sourcing candidates has changed! Read the white paper to learn the latest on sourcing and process recruitment.

Recruiters and Refs - Fistful of Talent - This article argues that recruiters are like referees. Sometimes, recruiters make bad calls, but those bad calls stick out and get more attention than all of the great calls they make. How else are they similar? Here's a quick, fun read to get you thinking.

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